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Hedgehogs News April 2019

Hedgehogs News April 2019

This month the Hedgehogs have been focusing on Spring time and Easter. At the beginning of the month, the children have been looking at the animals that come during Spring time and they have made their own little sheep and birds using lots of different materials. The children also enjoyed making Easter cards, decorating their own eggs and even taking part in some baking where we made chocolate nests.

IMG_1533In the Tree Room the children have been enjoying playing with the babies, dressing them up and pushing them and carrying them around the room. The children have also been interested in playing with the jigsaws where they were attempting to match the pictures and shapes together. We have had the tents and tunnels out with the plastic balls where the children were enjoying throwing the balls into the tents and trying to catch them.

Outside the children have been enjoying the warmer weather and have been practising their balance using the scooters. The children have also been out on some outings to the play park with the older boys and girls from downstairs.

We would like to welcome Evie, Ella and Finn to the Hedgehogs!


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Rabbits & Foxes News April 2019

Rabbits and Foxes News April 2019

A massive welcome goes to Keir and Mila who started with us on the Ground Floor this month.

Happy birthday to Devin who has turned 4 this month!

IMG_2390What an amazing month we have had in April. This month has been all about Spring and the life cycle where the children have been partaking in a range of experiences to help them to better understand Spring. They have been exploring plants (as well as planting them) in order to learn all of their main components, as well as what they need to survive. The Rabbits have also been looking at fact books to learn about Spring time – they decided which book they thought would be helpful, and why, before starting to learn the important parts of the book (ie front cover, title etc) and finally enjoying the facts that they could find. We have also managed to further facilitate their Numeracy skills by using the natural resources we have found in the garden and out on trips to help us create number lines which we then used to sequence, represent quantities and further develop our ability to recognise the numbers.

IMG_2369The Rabbits and Foxes also did a small piece on the Christian story of Easter, which was very interesting. They learned about how Jesus died and came back to life – resurrected – in order to help humans do more good deeds. As part of this lesson we created a wonderful Easter garden where we made caves, animals and people out of clay and planted lots of seed to represent the story we had heard.

Now that the good weather has finally arrived the Rabbits and Foxes have been enjoying a lot of water play in the garden! We have been filling any container we can with water and using all sorts of messy materials to give us the most fun water play we have had for a while. We have also been incorporating our Loose Parts play into this where we have left pipes, crates, stands, balls and other random materials for the children to build with – it has always turned out to be a ball or water run! It has been incredibly rewarding to see the children effectively using the loose parts and blocks to work together and build extravagant structures and then using their problem solving skills to work out how to further develop them or fix any issues.

IMG_2416Unfortunately we had to miss out on 2 weeks’ worth of Tatty Bumpkins and Enjoy-A-Ball for the Easter holidays but we are all mega excited to get these classes back up and running again – they are great for the children’s development and it is a huge plus that the children appear to love their sessions.

Next for us on the Ground Floor – once the children feel they have finished learning about plants and Spring – looks like we will be starting to look at “Transport”. The children have been showing a growing interest in aeroplanes, trains, buses and bikes so we very much look forward to seeing how we can develop this into future learning in May!

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Nursery News April 2019 Millerfield Place

Nursery News April 2019

Nursery Security

We have had a few incidences recently where unfamiliar people (ie delivery drivers or people enquiring about the nursery) have been allowed into the building by parents. Can we please remind parents to not let anyone in the building that they do not recognise and please ask them to wait at the door until a member of staff is alerted. Thank you.

Parent Breakfast

Thank you to all the parents who attended the parent breakfast. It was lovely to see everyone have a chance to socialise with each other, as well as being able to have a bite to eat and a small play with their children and their friends. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Buggy Storage

Unfortunately we have limited spaces for buggies to be stored. We have a buggy rail in the front foyer for “umbrella” style buggies that can be folded and hung up using their handles; this then leaves the buggy hut free for buggies that can’t be hung up. We would also like to ask that any parents using children’s seats on the back of their bike please do not leave them in the buggy shed as they take up space that is needed otherwise.


We have recently sent out parent and child questionnaires for the purposes of our Standards and Quality Improvement Plan. All of your comments will be taken on board and are an essential part of us evaluating our practice and Nursery as a whole. We look forward to hearing your feedback.


Now that the weather is looking up, we please ask that parents bring their children to nursery with a sun hat that is labelled with their name. We will be asking parents to sign/re-sign nursery sun cream forms, or alternatively asking for your child’s own sun cream to be kept at nursery. It would also be helpful to have some extra clothes at nursery for your child as we are planning some fantastic water play experiences for the children!


We are very sorry to be saying goodbye to Colette at the end of the month. Colette has been a key member on the Ground Floor and we would like to thank her for all of the hard work she has put into the nursery.


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Hedgehogs News March 2019

Hedgehogs News March 2019

IMG_1254This month the Hedgehogs have been interested in mark making and building.

In the Animal Room the children have been busy creating different patterns and textures using the stickle bricks and duplo in the paint. The children have also been busy creating telescopes and Mother’s Day cards.




In the Tree Room the children have been showing an interest in the giant blocks and fabrics, finding different ways to build with the blocks and using the ramps as a slide. With the giant blocks the children have also been using them to pretend they are instruments and have been banging them off the floor. The Hedgehogs have also been exploring the different fabrics and have been using them to create dens and to hide under them.

We would like to welcome Catriona, Swara, Lucie and Hunter to the Hedgehogs!

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Nursery News March 2019 Millerfield Place

Nursery News March 2019

What we have been up to

In March the Foxes and Rabbits have been focusing on their Loose Parts and Block Play. We have been slowly introducing the children to being creative and imaginative with open ended resources in all rooms on the Ground Floor and it has been so interesting to see what they come up with. They have especially enjoyed using the pipes, crates, tires, stands and other bits and pieces in the garden to make mega ball/water runs. This type of play has really seemed to encourage and facilitate team work amongst the children as they were all discussing with each other how they could improve or fix their runs! We are very lucky to have gotten some brand new blocks for our Flower Room – this was all very exciting for the children at first and most of them were pretending to be Bob the Builder with their little hammers. Once the children became more familiar with the resources they started to become more creative with them. Some of the Rabbits made a taxi and had a whole role play session around collecting people to take them out for dinner etc; others built a fire station and saved the nursery from burning down; and others pretended that the floor was lava and helped save each other from touching it!

This month the Foxes and Rabbits have also been focusing on practicing their letter and number of the week. They have also been focusing on how to keep themselves healthy and safe, whether it be through eating, washing our hands, out on trips or any other ways we can think of. They created some wonderful posters for our Health and Wellbeing display and have been able to reiterate why it is important to be clean, safe, active and healthy! We are now looking forward to starting our topic of “Spring”, and after discussion with the children we will also be learning about the life cycle of both plants and animals – how exciting!

The Middle Floor children have been exploring all of the messy and arts resources to make some wonderful pieces of spring art work. Not only have they been using craft materials, they have also been using toys from around the rooms to make different patterns and marks on their paper! Some of the Hedgehogs have also been really enjoying touching and feeling different types of fabric, so to aid this the children were provided with materials that have different textures. Some of the older children on the floor were using toilet rolls as trumpets, so they then created their own trumpets, and other musical instruments, using different pieces of junk modelling. For the coming weeks in April we will be focusing on continuing our responsive planning and developing the children’s creativity skills, as well as helping our new littles ones to settle into the routines of the nursery.

Extra Curricular Experiences

The Rabbits have continued to enjoy their Enjoy-A-Ball sessions at the Meadows. This class is great fun and helps the children to develop their gross motor skills as well as their hand-eye-coordination.

The Rabbits and Foxes have all been enjoying their weekly yoga adventures with Tatty Bumpkin! They have been going all around the world with Tatty and I think we are all looking forward to these sessions continuing.

We are still continuing with our Tatty Bumpkin sessions which the Foxes and Rabbits just seem to be loving every week. They have been stretching and bending through all sorts of different adventures with Tatty B at Wobble Farm. We look forward to continuing these through April.

The oldest Rabbits have started their Forest Schools sessions on a Thursday. We hopped on the number 41 bus and off we went to Blackford Pond for some exploration, building and a good bit of fresh air! There have been lots of frogs and other animals that the children have been watching and learning about. We only have 2 weeks of this block left before we will switch it around and let some other children have a turn at Forest Schools!


We said a huge welcome to Catriona whom has joined the team on the middle floor. Catriona is all settled into her role and is doing very well.


A big thank you goes to all the parents who attended Parents Evening. It was great to have good discussions with all of you and we hope you feel the same.

Developmental Milestones

Thank you to all parents who have returned these already. We please ask that any parents who have not yet returned their child’s Developmental Milestones to do so as soon as possible. Thank you!

Our next date for the diary is April 17th for a Continental Breakfast from 8-930am. We hope you can make it!


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Rabbits & Foxes News March 2019

Rabbits and Foxes News March 2019

IMG_2141The Foxes and Rabbits have been very busy this month! We have been enjoying the brighter weather during our Forest School excursions to Blackford pond, during which we have been building dens, measuring trees, making tree rubbings and watching all of the toads during their migration period!



IMG_2118We have been closely focusing on Health and Wellbeing recently, discussing the benefits of healthy eating and the importance of hand washing, we carried out fun activities including the UV hand washing test. Everyone has received lots of special hand washing stickers for good and consistent hand washing.

Our new letters have been ‘P’ (Plant) and ‘F’(Flower) in keeping with our Spring and life cycles topic and our numbers were ‘5’ and ‘10’. We also practiced counting and sorting using coloured balls which was lots of fun!  We have recorded our learning in our Letters and Numbers book if you’d like to come and take a look…

IMG_2176We have continued to enjoy our weekly Enjoy-a-Ball outings over at the Meadows where we learn ball skills, balance, coordination and team work and our Tatty Bumpkin visits where we experience calm but fun yoga techniques.

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Rabbits & Foxes News February 2019

Rabbits and Foxes News February 2019

We would like to say a huge Happy Birthday to Eva and Iggi who turned 3 this month and a big Meadows Nursery welcome to Ben who joined us in the Rabbits group.

IMG_3557February has been yet another very busy month for the Foxes and Rabbits on the Ground Floor. The topic for this month has been “Scotland”. For the duration of this topic the staff have been providing lots of experiences for the children, focusing mainly on developing the children’s knowledge of symmetry; how people in Scotland used to live; historical land marks; Scottish food and dance; and finally Scottish stories, rhymes, songs and words! The children seemed to really enjoy the planned experiences and did some lovely work in the floor book to reflect this.

We have been quite lucky with the weather this month and have started using the water tray again with nice warm water. The younger Foxes seemed to have really enjoyed pouring the water down the runs. We have also moved all of our wooden blocks into the playhouse and it has been impressive to see how imaginative the children can be with them.

The Foxes and Rabbits have continued to enjoy their Tatty Bumpkin sessions! They have been going on all sorts of adventures with Amanda and Tatty and always seem to look forward to the next session.

We have also been continuing with Enjoy-A-Ball sessions over at the Meadows. The Rabbits ball skills are developing every time and we all love to see the children achieving and having fun.

Our older Rabbits have started their weekly Forest Schools sessions at Blackford Pond. We spent our first week exploring the areas we can use and allowing the children to become acclimatised to their surroundings. Over the next 5 weeks we will be developing the children’s outdoor skills and abilities.

February was a really busy, fun and active month for the Foxes and Rabbits. Now we just can’t wait to see what March brings for us!



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Hedgehogs News February 2019

Hedgehogs News February 2019

IMG_0817This month the Hedgehogs have shown great interest in sensory play using shaving foam which they experimented with to make foamy pictures and various colours of paint mixed together. In  the garden, they focused on their physical development and enjoyed rolling, throwing and kicking the balls.

We have also celebrated and got creative for Chinese New Year by making masks for the Year of the Pig and dancing to Chinese music.

IMG_1010Meadows Park is the perfect place to be during the lovely spring weather. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful swing park just a few minutes away from the nursery.

We are very pleased to welcome Clara who joined us this month and to shout out a big “Happy Birthday” to Carys who has just turned a mighty 1 year old.


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Nursery News February 201 Millerfield Place

Nursery News February 2019

What we have been up to

The children have been busy learning about Scotland this month including some Scottish Highland dances out in the garden for our exercise time. It was fantastic to see the children’s reactions to hearing the bagpipes and see them choosing a partner and all dancing together! We have also been looking at the symmetry of the Scottish flag, as well as looking for symmetry using mirrors and creating our own symmetrical pictures by folding over paper or using 3D shapes. The children have also been enjoying listening to Scottish stories and learning some new Scottish words which they had a go at writing.

The Middle Floor children have been looking at colours and numbers and sensory painting and have been so enjoying their time in the garden with the lovely weather, using the balls to practice their hand-eye coordination, as well as the small balancing beams to aid their balance. The Hedgehogs have also enjoyed exploring the different sponges and paint rollers that have been provided for messy play.

Extra curricular experiences

The Rabbits have continued to enjoy their Enjoy-A-Ball sessions at the Meadows. This class is great fun and helps the children to develop their gross motor skills as well as their hand-eye-coordination.

The Rabbits and Foxes have all been enjoying their weekly yoga adventures with Tatty Bumpkin, going all around the world with Tatty!

The older Rabbits have started their Forest Schools sessions on a Thursday. We hopped on the number 41 bus and off we went to Blackford Pond for some exploration, building and a good bit of fresh air! We are so excited to keep developing our outdoor skills over the next 5 weeks.


We are very sorry to have to say goodbye to Katy D. Katy contributed a lot to the nursery over the last 2 years and it is sad to see her go but we wish her the best of luck on her new adventure in America!

We will be welcoming Catriona & Edyta, our new staff members, in the next month so please keep an eye out for their bios on the vestibule door.


On 21 March we will be having our first Parents Evening of the year. This is a great time to be able to have a catch up with a staff member to discuss your child’s development or any other topics you would like to discuss. We will also have drinks and nibbles so parents will have the chance to get together with other parents for a chat.



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Rabbits & Foxes News December 2018

Rabbits and Foxes News December 2018

Happy birthday to Flora, Alex, Deny and Dylan who all turned 4 this month!

The Rabbits and Foxes have had a very busy month in December. They enjoyed learning more about other cultures and their celebrations whilst incorporating shapes, songs and poems into this as well. We did this through looking at different buildings from around the world and creating them out of various different 2D and 3D resources. The children also learned several words in other languages and some Christmas songs in Spanish and French.

As well as this, the children have been getting stuck right into various different Christmas crafts for their parents as presents. For this they created their own cards, calendars, bags and made a salt dough decoration as well.

The most exciting part of December was our Christmas Fair and Party. All the children and adults who attended seemed to have had such a great time engaging with the various activities that we had to offer. We had a lovely big snack; cupcake decorating and paper chains. We can’t thank Alex’s mum, Gesine, enough for coming and creating Gingerbread houses with the children, as well as Emily’s mum, Katie, for making some Santa Stars. We then had Tricky Ricky’s magic show and finally Santa came to hand out some presents (thanks to Ben’s grandad for this)! The party was a huge success, so thank you to everyone who helped out and attended to make it such a wonderful afternoon.

From all staff on the Ground Floor, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!



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