Rabbits & Foxes News December 2017

Rabbits and Foxes News December 2017

A big welcome to Max, Emily, Julek, Sebestian and Saul who have now joined the Foes and Rabbits downstairs! All of the Foxes and Rabbits have helped to settle these guys and we are so happy to have them!

This month we are now organising and practicing for our Christmas Nativity. We had discussions with the children and all staff members and made up our cast from there to make sure that everyone was comfortable with the parts they have.

IMG_4420We are very lucky to have Lizzie who comes twice a week to do music time. She has started playing the piano and helping us teach the children our nativity songs in preparation for the performance on December 14th! The children all seem to know the words for the songs, it’s just now practicing singing in time with the music and all together, however, this is all going really well. Everyone is doing an amazing job learning their lines as well as starting to learn some stage direction.

We have also started our Christmas crafts – we are making a little goodie bag to go home for our families as a little bundle of presents. The children are making some fantastic pieces of work!

IMG_4418At the start of the month, we had Zoolab who visit the nursery a couple times a year to bring some reptiles and creepy crawlies! This time they brought us a snake, African snails, a tortoise, a giant millipede and some cockroaches! All of the children either touched or held some of the animals which was fantastic. They had the opportunity to learn a bit about where the animals come from and how they live.

We have now come to the end of our Forest Schools and Tatty Bumpkins blocks. It has been so much fun doing these sessions and we can’t wait for them to start again next year!

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