Hedgehogs News December 2017

Hedgehogs News December 2017

A big welcome to Finn and Izabella who started with the Hedgehogs this month and a Happy 2nd Birthday to Nathan, Salman, Bo and Finn

IMG_5229We have been busy during November getting started with our Christmas crafts. We all made our own Christmas card, tree decorations, calendar and bag and food for the reindeers. We made Rudolph cards and glued shiny red pom-poms for his nose and stick eyes. We also made a very glittery decoration for our tree. Some of us have been exploring the sand and water tray, others have preferred to spend lots of time at our play dough table rolling lots of different patterns with our patterned rollers.

Our teachers made sensory bags with coffee beans, sponges, lavender, vanilla and lots more to help to develop our sense of smell. We also had lots of song time throughout the day, learning to take turns with the musical instruments and other toys with all our friends. We have lots of activities and areas to explore such as an activity table which has lots of puzzles, sorting elephants to encourage us to learn our colours, drawing paper, crayons and stickle bricks. We have a home corner unit and dressing up box so we can role play, little sofas so we can have quiet time to read a story, an area for construction.

IMG_5044We continue to go to the care home every second Monday with 2 Hedgehogs and 4 children from downstairs where we do lots of activities with the residents. We have also had trips to the park with our older Foxes and Rabbits.

For Children in Need we did some baking with our teachers, we made little biscuits and the older children downstairs made scones and cupcakes and we had a bake sale at the end of the day. We also dressed up in our pyjamas and brought in our little teddies for a tea party in the afternoon!


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