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Hedgehogs News December 2018

Hedgehogs News December 2018

The month of December has been filled with Christmas activities. The Hedgehogs have been so busy creating Christmas gifts, cards and paintings using Christmas sponges and stamps.

Our main focus has been stacking toys such as bricks, wooden rainbow set and the shiny decahedrons. Everybody enjoyed stacking them as high as they could, only to knock them over and then start again! All the Hedgehogs have been able to concentrate on these activities for long periods of time and further develop their problem-solving skills, motor skills as well as their social skills.

Building has also been a big interest of the children these past few weeks and they have used a variety of different toys and objects to create buildings of all shapes and sizes.

We have also sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Elise and James who have both now turned a mighty 1 year!

The Hedgehogs and all of the Meadows Staff would like to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We are looking forward to seeing everybody again in 2019!

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Nursery News December 2018 Millerfield Place

Nursery News December 2018

What we have been up to

In December the Rabbits &Foxes have been continuing their topic of Multiculturalism. So far the children have been enjoying practicing their 2D and 3D shapes – through looking at buildings from around the world. This learning has been further facilitated by using different materials (such as building blocks, shape mats, etc) to allow the children to construct their own buildings! As well as this, we have been learning how to say “hello” in different languages for our Letter of the Week. The children really enjoyed learning “Jingle Bells” in Spanish, as well as the first verse of “Silent Night” in French; which they then sang as Christmas Carols for their Christmas Party!

The Hedgehogs have been really focusing on their Christmas Crafts! They were busy exploring different materials to decorate cars, calendars and baubles to give as a gift to their parents. When the weather hasn’t been too cold or wet the children have also enjoyed their time in the garden playing with the cars, bikes and even making a big ball run using half pipes and stands!

Our Christmas parties were a huge success. The Hedgehogs enjoyed having a sitdown party snack and a Sing-A-Long in the Tree Room! They then had their presents handed out and the party finished off with some balloon fun. It was a busy party and it was lovely to see the children and parents enjoying themselves.

The Rabbits &Foxes had a Christmas Fair and Carols party. For this we had a rolling snack and then some craft stations set up for the children and parents to participate in. We had some cupcake decorating; paper chains; Santa stars; and finally building mini Ginger Bread Houses. We then sang our Carols in the back garden, before Tricky Ricky came to do his magic show! We then finished off with a visit from Santa who handed out the children’s presents.

Extra Curricular Experiences

The Rabbits have continued to enjoy their Enjoy-A-Ball sessions at the Meadows. This class is great fun and helps the children to develop their gross motor skills as well as their hand-eye-coordination.

The oldest Hedgehogs, Rabbits and Foxes have also been enjoying their weekly yoga adventures with Tatty Bumpkin! They have been going all around the world with Tatty and they also has a special Christmas Adventure.

We have been continuing some mini Forest Schools sessions over at Sciennes with our youngest Rabbits. They have all really enjoyed having some more time out in the nature and enjoyed building dens!


We are sorry to be saying goodbye to Urska at the end of the year. We would like to thank Urska for her hard work over the last few months and wish her the best of luck in the future.

In the New Year we will be welcoming a couple of new Staff members to Meadows Nursery – keep an eye out for their bio’s on the Foyer door!


We would like to please ask parents if you are planning to have your child absent from Nursery for holidays it would be very helpful if you could please pop an email to the Nursery instead of telling a staff member in the room. The staff sometimes forget because they are busy with the children and it just allows us to better plan our days. Thank you in advance.


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Hedgehogs News October 2018

Hedgehogs News October 2018

IMG_0096The Hedgehogs have had a fun-packed month full of tactile messy play for which we used a huge variety of materials and objects like sponges, leaves, conkers and sticks. The children enjoyed being able to create different patterns and marks as well as exploring the textures on their hands and faces.

We also explored the change in weather by jumping in puddles in the garden and collecting natural recourses in the park, watching the changes from the window and using all the natural materials to create our art work.

IMG_0104Balls have been our focus in the garden so we could further develop our rolling, kicking and catching skills and we also used hockey sticks and golf clubs to improve our aiming skills and hand to eye coordination.

Everybody had a great time at the Halloween party dancing, singing and enjoying party food. The children were very well behaved and had so much fun. A big thank you to all the parents who managed to join us for some madness!

IMG_0176Last but not least we would like to say a big Happy 2nd Birthday to Izabella, Reuben and Paddy and welcome our new Staff member Desi who will be a very big help with the Hedgehogs.




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Rabbits & Foxes News October 2018

Rabbits and Foxes News October 2018

We would like to wish a very happy birthday to Chunyi, Reuben and Anna who turned 4 this month. We recently welcomed Zdenek to the Ground Floor, we are sure he will have lots of fun with the Rabbits!

We are very sorry to say goodbye to Myles and Sarah who are going to school nursery.

October has been a very busy month for our Foxes and Rabbits with our new topic Transport. The children learned all about different ways of travelling on various modes of transport. They also learned how to find information about transport using non-fiction books and also how to tell the difference between fiction and non-fiction books.

The Rabbits made tally charts and discussed which modes of transportation we use to get to the nursery in the morning. We have been learning how to put things in the groups of different sizes or colours using cars, planes and trains. As a part of this topic we have also talked to the children about road safety.

Over last week we prepared for Halloween party. The children baked different types of biscuits and scones as well as making Halloween decorations to make the Nursery look very spooky!  The children also enjoyed learning about Halloween traditions.

Following on from Halloween, we have decided our next topic will be “Multiculturalism” to celebrate the uniqueness of our children and the cultures that they have brought into our Nursery. Not only will we be celebrating the uniqueness of each child, we will also discuss how everyone should be treated equally whatever their cultural background.




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Nursery News October 2018 Millerfield Place

Nursery News October 2018

What we have been up to

The children have enjoyed looking at both fiction and non-fiction books that helped to teach them about different modes of transportation for our topic “Transport. The children also enjoyed making graphs to show the different ways that they travel to and from Nursery, as well as talking a lot about road safety.

We have also been talking about the changes we can see in Autumn; the Rabbits and Foxes have had such a great time using the natural resources to make beautiful pictures for our display.

Our next topic is Multicultralism and we will update everyone on this in due course.

Extra Curricular Experiences

The local care home has recently been finding it difficult to accommodate our visits and we have therefore decided to take a break from these.  We hope to resume our relationship in the new year and will keep you posted.

We are very pleased to say that we have now restarted our Enjoy-A-Ball sessions for our over 3s. The children really enjoy having some energetic time outside to practice their ball skills.

We are also still enjoying Tatty Bumpkin sessions, as well as all the wonderful places that we have the opportunity to take the children to around Edinburgh.

The Foxes and Rabbits also recently had Zoo Lab come along for a Halloween themed session. The children listened very intently as they followed a magical story and met a snake, toad, millipede, snail and tarantula!


We are pleased to welcome Desi Brown who has recently joined us as break cover.

Unfortunately, we are sadly saying goodbye to Caitlin in November. Caitlin has been with Meadows since 2016 and has decided to move on to pastures new and we wish her the best of luck in her new adventures.


A huge thank you to all the parents whom attended our Halloween Parties. This was such great fun and I’m sure you’ll agree that all the children had such a wonderful time and looked amazing in their costumes!



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Rabbits & Foxes News September 2018

Rabbits and Foxes News September 2018

A big welcome goes to Aiden, Krishna, Emily, Max and Julek who joined us in the Rabbits group this month!

This month has been very busy with the Rabbits and Foxes learning together about “People Who Help Us!”  We have been doing all sorts of really great activities that have furthered our knowledge on the people we can go to in the community to help us in specific situations. Some of the experiences provided included a shop set up in the garden where the children learned about paying for objects as well as learning about the different types of coins; story books based on the topic and discussing the characters roles in more depth; watching videos and role playing emergency situations, as well as practicing how to dial 999!

The Foxes have also been learning a lot about people who help them and seemed to enjoy joining in with a lot of the Rabbits experiences! We did however provide some specific experiences for them that included some new puzzles and Velcro scene that allowed the children to practice their matching and problem solving skills as well as furthering their knowledge of people who help them.

We have now finished up our block of Forest Schools – unfortunately due to weather and other unfortunate circumstances we only managed one trip to Blackford Pond, however the boys and girls still had a lot of fun out at Sciennes Woodlands using natural materials to weave and create some magnificent pieces of artwork for the nursery.

We have now concluded our visits with the Care Home for the year. We are hopeful that we will be able to start these back up next year as we found it a really valuable experience for the children to be able to learn from the residents.

Next block we are looking forward to finding out what the children would like to learn about “Transport” and “Autumn”. The children are so interested in cars, buses, planes etc and they love all the leaves that are now falling off of the trees.

The children also have their Halloween party coming up, and we look forward to seeing everyone, staff included, in their fancy dress costumes and having a party!


Next block we are looking forward to finding out what the children would like to learn about “Transport” and “Autumn”. The children are so interested in cars, buses, planes etc and they love all the leaves that are now falling off of the trees.

The children also have their Halloween party coming up, and we look forward to seeing everyone, staff included, in their fancy dress costumes and having a party!


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Hedgehogs News September 2018

Hedgehogs News September 2018

IMG_9881The Hedgehogs’ main interest for the last few weeks has been mark-making with different tools and we will continue this a little longer as the Hedgehogs still find objects to create marks with.

Another big interest are the little cars and the children use a variety of different props for their play such as half pipes and boxes which serve as ramps and garages. This interest ties in nicely with making marks for which we can also use cars rolled in paint and continue another focus of colour recognition and sorting. For this the children have also been using a box with holes cut in to put balls through – this was great for fine motor skills as well as colour recognition.

FullSizeRenderAs the weather is now changing the Hedgehogs will have the chance to collect objects like conkers, leaves and sticks when out for a walk which they can then incorporate into their tactile messy play.

The Hedgehogs have also had the opportunity to go on lots of trips, including book bug sessions at the library as well as some energetic play at the park.

Over the next few weeks we will celebrate Paddy’s, Izabella’s and Reuben’s 2nd Birthdays.



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Nursery News September 2018 Millerfield Place

Nursery News September 2018

What we have been up to

The ground floor has just finished their topic of “People who help us”. For this topic, the children have enjoyed learning all about the people who help them in the community, including police officers, fire fighters, paramedics and shop keepers. They have done this through a wide range of different experiences including having shops set up all over the nursery, reading stories as well as watching videos on how to keep yourself safe or who to call in an emergency.

We are looking forward to starting our new topic which stems from the children’s interests as well as our calendar plan. This month we will be focusing on “Transport” and “Autumn”.

The Hedgehogs have continued their interest in mark making! Throughout their day they have been exploring different tools to make marks. We have had different types of sponges, paint brushes, natural resources and tools for them to use in paint, glue and sand. As well as this, the Hedgehogs have also been interested in cars and garages. They have started upcycling boxes and other materials to create their own garages!

Extra Curricular Experiences

We are now at the end of our Forest Schools block. The children have enjoyed their time at Blackford Pond and at the Sciennes Woods. The staff provided lots of different materials to be used which involved weaving, den building and being creative using the natural materials.

The children enjoyed visiting the residents at our Care Home sessions every 2 weeks. We usually take along some puzzles and games that can be shared and played with the residents.

The older children are now at the end of their Tatty Bumpkin block – we all love our energetic yoga sessions and we are really really looking forward to when these start up again!

Cold weather

Now that we are approaching autumn, and the weather has definitely taken a turn for the colder and wetter, we would like to please ask parents to provide their children with suitable clothing for the weather (ie waterproofs, wellies and a warm jacket) as we are very keen on allowing the children to have time outside whatever the weather.

Dates for the Diary

25 October – Parents Evening. Please keep an eye out on the Foyer Door for the parents evening sign-up sheet!

31 October – Halloween party.


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Rabbits & Foxes News August 2018

Rabbits and Foxes News August 2018

Happy birthday to Peter has turned 4 this month!

We very sadly said goodbye to some of our children who went off to school or to their school nurseries. However we have also said a big welcome to Mila who started with us in the Rabbits group.

IMG_5632At the end of July, the Rabbits and Foxes started the topic “All About Us”. Through this topic, the children enjoyed lots of creative and interesting activities that help them to discover and learn more about their bodies. With the introduction of our (fake!) skeleton – which the children named Maggie – we were able to go into some finer detail about our bones and how we are able to move them. We were then able to further facilitate this by playing different movement games in the garden. The children then moved on to learn where all the different organs go and placed the organ names on Maggie.

The Rabbits enjoyed talking about everyone’s height, eye and hair colour to put into charts. We looked at how everyone looks a bit different, and had valuable discussions on everyone being treated the same even when we all look different.

Both the Rabbits and the Foxes learned about their senses and enjoyed different sensory experiences to stimulate them. In the first week we focused on taste; in the second we did smell; in the third touch; and in the final week we focussed on sound. The children experienced tasting different types of food; touching things with different textures without seeing them and being asked to describe how this felt; they also listened to different animal and nature sounds and tried to identify these.

In September, we look forward to getting started with our next topic which will be “People Who Help Us”.


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Hedgehogs News August 2018

Hedgehogs News August 2018

The Hedgehogs are showing a lot of interest in mark-making and have been using chalk, dry markers, crayons and sticks in the sand to get creative with tiny circles, swirls and long lines. This type of activity helps to develop fine motor skills, as well as the children’s imagination and vocabulary.

We have also started a “Squash and a Squeeze” wall display as this is a very popular book with the Hedgehogs just now. Some of the older children can now “read” along with us as they remember lots of words, in this way developing their memory skills

Outside in the garden we are focusing on our gross motor skills and using the balancing beam, wobble boards, hula hoops and tyres to learn different body movements, hand to eye coordination, turn-taking and sharing.

The Hedgehogs are also very interested in role play just now and we spent a lot of time in the house corner, cooking and dressing up in dresses and hats.






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