Hedgehogs News September 2017

Hedgehogs News September 2017

Meadows would like to give a warm welcome to Theia and Isa, our new Hedgehogs, who started with us this month, we look forward to getting to know you all more.

IMG_7812We would also like to wish Sandy a very happy 1st birthday!

We have been very busy in the Animal Room this month, messy painting our own little fishes for our wall display which has been great fun. Our teachers helped us to plant our own water cress plants by putting cotton wool into a tub with water, then adding our seeds. We also enjoyed our junk modelling table, gluing and sticking lots of different things.

IMG_4048In the Tree Room, we have had our tunnels out, puzzles, drawing paper and crayons, role play dolls, story time and lots of music time which keeps us very active. We have been practicing taking off our socks and shoes and putting them back on when it’s time to go to the garden or to go home.

We have had lots of messy fun in the garden playing with our mud kitchen. Some of us Hedgehogs used our spades to carry the sand over into the sand tray which takes a lot of concentration and hand eye coordination skills. We have also had our water tray out and some of us got very wet splashing about with our friends. We have lots of activities such as drawing with crayons, balancing beams, ball games, sand and water.

IMG_7854We continue to go to the care home every second Wednesday with 2 Hedgehogs and 4 older children. We do lots of activities with the residents which helps us to develop skills and relationships. We have also had trips to the park with the older Foxes and Rabbits.

We had a tea party at the start of this month for which the children baked banana scones and biscuits. Parents were also invited to the tea party and had some snacks with the children and some juice!




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