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Nursery News August 2018 Millerfield Place

Nursery News August 2018

Parent Breakfast

Thank you to all the parents who came along to enjoy our parent breakfast earlier this month. It was a great morning and we all enjoyed having a snack with our parents. These breakfasts are a great chance for parents to be involved with the nursery and to see what their child likes to do whilst here, they also give parents a chance to get to know each other and the nursery staff a little better.

What we have been up to

The ground floor have concluded their ‘All about us’ topic. We have been really engaged in learning about our bodies through experiences such as measuring our height and comparing sizes, exploring what our stomach does with the food we eat and using our skeleton, Maggie, along with reference books, to learn the names and uses for parts of our body.

We are looking forward to starting our new topic ‘People who help us’ in the coming week.

The Hedgehogs have continued their interest in messy play by exploring and making new textures by mixing ingredients together. We have been using the pots and spoons to mix sand, water, ice, foam and playdough together! We have continued this out in the garden by using the mud kitchen to make cups of foamy ‘tea’!

Extra Curricular Experiences

Now that the schools have resumed after their summer holidays we have resumed our extra-curricular activities. Our current blocks are:

Mondays – Care Home visits

Tuesdays – Library/Park trips

Wednesdays – Forest Schools

Thursdays – Tatty Bumpkins

Friday – Rhyme Time/Park trips


We would like to thank all parents and children who provided us with valuable feedback through our self evaluation forms earlier this year. Our priorities for 2018/2019 are:

Leadership & Management – Self Evaluation using HGIOELC & BTA; Distributed Leadership; Further embed Vision, Values & Aims

Learning Provision – Curriculum & Pedagogy; Implement new trackers

Success and Achievements – Loose parts play; Child’s voice & Active participation


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Hedgehogs News July 2018

Hedgehogs News July 2018

IMG_9241The Hedgehogs have been doing lots of fun and interesting things this month. They’ve been enjoying the warm weather in the garden by playing with the outdoor water tray and they get very excited when their teachers put sun cream and sun hats on them.



IMG_9247The children are very interested in drawing on the chalkboards in the Animal Room. They also enjoyed lots of painting and gluing this month in free flow play, and they are also interested in sticking objects in playdough and getting them unstuck.

In the Tree Room the children have taken to regularly sitting down with books or asking their teachers to read books to them. They are also playing more with the toy babies and enjoy looking after them and feeding them food from the house corner.

IMG_9213The Hedgehogs have been on several trips to the Meadows Park this month as the weather has been lovely. They have been enjoying looking at the different cars, buses and lorries on our walk over and all the different activities the park has to offer.







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Nursery News July 2018 Millerfield Place

Nursery News July 2018

What We’ve Been Up To!

We’ve been enjoying spending more time at the Meadows Park and out in the garden in the lovely weather, followed up some yummy (& healthy) fruit ice lollies afterwards.

We try to do as much outdoors as possible and our “Relax, Rest & Read” time after lunch is especially enhanced as we can look up to the lovely blue sky and think lovely thoughts……..!

Both floors have also been doing lots of Messy Play in the garden and in the rooms. We are providing different textures and smells for the children to explore. All the children seem to be enjoying this and we look forward to doing more in-depth sensory play with some of the children.

Our water station has been really interesting and exciting and good to see how creative the children can get with the water runs and to see that they are SO enjoying having an opportunity to cool down with water.

The older children love when the younger ones visit the garden as everyone gets a chance to say “hello” & siblings can spend some time together!

The children have also been enjoying some brand new toys! They have been especially enjoying all the cars and garage items, as well as all the babies and dollies.

We have a new addition to the playrooms in the form of “Maggie” who is our resident skeleton and is helping us learn all about what’s inside our body.  This is part of our general theme just now, “All About Us”.

Lots of us have been away on holiday and are very excited to tell their friends about it all.


We are pleased to welcome Urska, who has now started on the middle floor with the younger children and Magda who is on the ground floor with the older children. Their “Bios” are on the notice board – please say hello if you haven’t met them as yet.

Parent Breakfast

We look forward to having parents join us for breakfast on the morning of 21 August. The children love to sit down with their parents over breakfast & show off their nursery! We hope to see you all there.


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Rabbits & Foxes News July 2018

Rabbits and Foxes News July 2018

Happy birthday to Sebastian who turned 3 and Myles who turned 4 in July!

A big welcome goes to Theia, Iggi and Eva who moved up to the Foxes group this month. Their settles have been going very well and they are now enjoying being with their new friends on the ground floor.

IMG_5658For the month of July, because lots of children are on holiday, we put a hold on our formal planning and instead focused on doing Responsive Planning and providing experiences and continuous provision based around the children’s immediate needs and interests. Naturally the children were keen to be talking about summer and Summer Holidays. The girls thought of many exciting experiences to do with the children, including looking at the world map and discussing where on holiday the children have been, or would like to go. From this we moved on to creating objects that we would take on our holidays from our junk modelling and arts boxes. The Rabbits and Foxes all especially enjoyed making flip flops from ribbon and cardboard!

We have also been going on lots of trips, managing to get some of the children in a mixed age group out every single day. The children have all been enjoying going to the Meadows Park, to the Sciennes Woods or to Mini Zoomers at the Summerhall for sensory session.

IMG_5705We resumed our formal planning at the end of July. Since we are welcoming new children to our floor we thought it would be a good idea to do an “All About Me” topic. This would allow the children to learn about their bodies as well as allowing the children and staff to get to know each other that little bit better. When having the floor books discussions on what the children already know and what they would like to learn, the Rabbits said that they didn’t only want to learn about themselves but about others also, so we changed the title of the topic to “All About Us” to fit in with their interests. For the foreseeable weeks we will be learning all about our bodies; how we can move them; discussing the difference we can see between each other; as well learning more in depth about our senses. From this the children also expressed an interest in doctors and fire fighters so we will be incorporating “People Who Help Us” into this, should the children still find it an interesting topic.

July has been a fantastic month for us all on the ground floor with lots of different, interesting experiences going on and we now look forward to the exciting learning that is to be had in August!



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Rabbits & Foxes News June 2018

Rabbits and Foxes News June 2018

A big happy birthday to Saul who turned 3 this month and moved up to the Rabbits group!

Welcome to Rengim, Emma and Angus who have moved downstairs this month. They have now settled in very well and seem to be enjoying their time in the Foxes group.

June has been incredibly busy for the Rabbits, finishing their planning block about Summer and School, as well as practicing for their production of Harry Potter. We also had our Sports Day across at the Meadows! We had brilliant weather and it was absolutely fantastic to have so many parents turn up to support all of the Rabbits. We played lots of running, jumping and ball skills games for the morning. We then had some juice, received our medals and enjoyed playing at the park. It was also amazing to see all of the Rabbits supporting their team mates in such a positive way.

The Rabbits who are going to school have been learning about what they will need to get ready for school – such as uniform, pens, pencils etc. They also thought about their routine at nursery and discussed the sorts of things they might be doing at school. They created a visual time table in the floor book that could be rearranged to suits the needs of the day. All of the Rabbits then discussed their feelings and ways that they can cope with sadness and change – for this we talked about meeting new teachers, friends and other people who may be working this us, what our feelings might be at these times and who we can speak to about this.

The Rabbits performed their Summer Show on Friday 22 June. It was absolutely amazing to have so many family members turn out to watch the wonderful production and join us for a party afterwards. The children had worked very hard to learn their lines, songs and help to make the props.

The Foxes have been focusing on their fine and gross motor skills, as well as developing their hand eye coordination. We have done this through both planned activities and continuous provision using balls, balloons, hockey sticks, clubs etc. We have also been promoting their creativity, curiosity and inquiring by providing them with lots of interesting, natural and sensory materials for them to make various pieces of magnificent art work with. The Foxes have also been aiding in the settling and starting of the boys and girls who recently joined us.

The Foxes and younger Rabbits have had their turn of Forest Schools enjoying weekly walks out to Sciennes to build dens and tree swings as well collecting lots of natural materials and learning further about their community and wild life.

We have also been continuing our Care Home visits every 2 weeks which both Foxes and Rabbits children enjoy. As well as this, we have had many trips out to the park and fruit shop, especially now that the weather is so delightful!

Since we are just finishing up our current topic we will now be having discussion with the children so that we can choose our next topic!



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Hedgehogs News June 2018

Hedgehogs News June 2018

IMG_8642This month we have welcomed little Kostas into the baby room and celebrated Isabel’s and Nicolai’s 2nd birthday!

Our main focus this month with the Hedgehogs has been the development of their gross motor skills and hand to eye coordination. We created obstacle courses in the garden which included balancing beams, flat stilts and hula hoops as well as balls and tyres. This gave the Hedgehogs the opportunity to practice their balancing, kicking, rolling, throwing and pushing skills. Everybody seemed to enjoy these various activities and everybody’s preferences and skills were taken into account.

The children have also enjoyed playing with water in the garden, pouring water over their hands, down pipes and experiencing its cold and wet properties.

IMG_8746Our messy and sensory experiences were all about using materials to create patterns like cotton wool, bubblewrap and sponges as well as rosemary and sage twigs which we also incorporated into our playdough. A lot of the Hedgehogs showed an interest in smelling the herb twigs and rubbing them between their fingers, so we created little sensory bags with a variety of scents.

Times flies when you’re having fun and we’re now almost half way through the year.

Let’ see what July will bring!





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Nursery News June 2018 Millerfield Place

Nursery News June 2018


We would like to say a big thank you to Adam, Morag, Elliot, Mia and Loueϊ for coming along to our P1 party and spending time talking to the Rabbits about going to school. It was great to hear their first hand experiences of starting school as well as to listen to their stories in their reading books.

We also had our summer show and graduation this month. The Care Home residents came to nursery to watch our dress rehearsal and were really impressed at how well the children performed their Harry Potter show. The children and staff worked really hard and the children gave us a great performance. We are really going to miss all of our Rabbits leaving for school and we hope they can come back for our P1 party next year!

This month on the ground floor we have continued learning about Summer and School. We also used our transition project book ‘Tiddler’ to explore sea creatures and made puppets of our favourite sea creature to use with our puppet theatre.

The Hedgehogs have been exploring lots of sensory play this month. We have been experimenting with different textured paint such as sand, cotton wool, flour and gluck. We had lots of fun using our hands and paint brushes to mix ingredients together! The Hedgehogs have also been developing their gross motor skills on our balancing beams and crates as well as activities at the Meadows Park.


We are sadly saying goodbye to Stela and Garazi. Stela is moving on to do work with homeless adults in Edinburgh and Garazi is considering a return home to Spain. We would like to thank both for all their hard work while at the nursery and wish them both well.

We have new staff starting over the next few weeks so please look out for their “Bios” on our Parent Notice board. We endeavour to personally introduce all new staff to parents, however, this sometimes proves difficult so please introduce yourself if you can.

Our seasonal staff, covering staff annual leave across both nurseries, are Emily and Tessa who are both university students on their summer vacation.

Diary Dates

We hope to see as many of you as possible at our next Parent Breakfast on 21 August. More details to follow on this nearer the time!


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Rabbits & Foxes News May 2018

Rabbits and Foxes News May 2018

A big welcome to Ava who joined us in the Rabbits group this month.

We are sadly saying goodbye to Viven at the end of this month. Viven has been with us for the last little while as a student and she has been such an asset to us in this time. I’m sure all the staff and children on the ground floor will miss her greatly. We would love to thank Viven for all she has helped us with!

May has been an incredibly busy and fun month for all of us here on the ground floor! This month we finished up our topic of Life Cycle. We learned lots of really interesting things about various different life cycles including that of a human, plants and animals. All of the children seemed to really enjoy planting different types of plants, learning about what these need to grow and watering them every day. As part of this topic we had some live caterpillars join us in the Flower Room. We watched them go into their cocoons and eventually turn into some beautiful butterflies. Once the butterflies were ready, we released them as a whole nursery in the back garden – some of the Foxes and Rabbits had the opportunity to hold them before they flew off.

The children also made some brilliant artwork to go on our display which depicts their learning through this topic.

The Foxes focused a lot on the different types of animals we have and enjoyed doing different sorting and matching activities to match this. They expressed quite an interest in bugs and insects, so for this we went on many trips where they went bug hunting. They found many different types of interesting bugs which they were able to hold and learn more about the environment that they thrive in. On their nature walks the Foxes also collected lots of natural materials which all children have been using for arts and crafts as well as in the playdough.

We’ve just finished a short block of Forest Schools where the older Foxes and younger Rabbits enjoyed having half days at the Sciennes woodland. They spent their time building dens, hammocks and tree swings amongst many other valuable activities. We look forward to our next block on Thursdays for 4 weeks.

We have also been continuing with our usual Care Home visits and Tatty Bumpkins which all children seem to be really enjoying.

The Rabbits have started their new combined topic of School and Summer. We did a talking tub for both these topics and really enjoyed hearing the children’s ideas of what they would like to learn about.

As well as this we have been practicing really hard for our Summer Show of Harry Potter. The Foxes have also been helping us to make our props! We are really looking forward to doing our dress rehearsal for the residents of the Care Home and then finally our whole show at the end of June!

As well as of this, we had the most amazing Spring Trip to the Royal Botanical Gardens. All of the Rabbits behaved beautifully both on the way to, back, getting on and off of the bus. They have great road sense and we couldn’t have asked for better behaviour. Whilst we were there the children (and staff!) enjoyed exploring the grounds and having lunch before part taking in a fun and interesting workshop all about gardening and the work that is involved in looking after a big garden. On our way back we explored some more of the grounds and learned some names of the trees and plants.

We are now looking forward to June, which I’m sure is going to be another busy month that is full of creativity, fun and learning!



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Hedgehogs News May 2018

Hedgehogs News May 2018

Congratulations to Thomas who has become a big brother to a little baby girl.

IMG_1633The Hedgehogs have been very interested in dinosaurs at the moment. There have been lots of new books in the tree room and “Ten Little Dinosaurs” has been very popular.  Some of the Hedgehogs have been joining in at various parts of the story, which helps to develop their vocabulary.  They have enjoyed dinosaur play using the water tray and the sandpit and making salt dough by measuring flour and salt, stirring and kneading. This all helps to develop fine motor skills and have fun at the same time!  The children also used junk and lots of gluing materials to create a collage from the story “Ten Little Dinosaurs”.

Out in the garden the kitchen area has been very popular. The Hedgehogs have been sitting on deck chairs, preparing bowls and cups for one another.  They have been transporting sand into bowls and cups and pretending to eat/drink from them, all of which is great imaginary role play.

IMG_1548Some Hedgehogs have been experimenting with drain pipes using water as well as toys and animals, placing them at the top of the drain then watching them whoosh down the pipe. They took turns nicely, showing good relationships amongst the Hedgehogs.

In the Animal Room the hedgehogs have been doing various messy gluing using sand and oats to create their own individual pieces of art. Some of the hedgehogs particularly seemed to enjoy the coloured oats and transferred it to mix in with the playdough, great fun.

The Hedgehogs have also been on trips to the play park at the Meadows with the Foxes & Rabbits, enjoying being with the older children & siblings in a fun outdoor environment.

Some of our older Hedgehogs joined in Tatty Bumpkins downstairs. This was a positive experience for them to join in with the older children before they make the transition to go downstairs.  Tatty Bumpkin includes yoga, music and story telling that helps the children to develop fine/gross motor skills, balance and listening skills.






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Nursery News May 2018 Millerfield Place

Nursery News May 2018


This month on the ground floor we have continued our learning about the Life Cycle. The Foxes have been exploring plants, in particular cress and sunflowers! We all had a great time planting our cress and sunflower seeds, watching them grow and then prepared the cress for our afternoon snack! The Rabbits have continued to learn about the life cycle of different animals as well as the life cycle of humans and plants. Our five caterpillars turned into five beautiful butterflies which we released into the back garden and we documented their change from caterpillars to butterflies in our floorbook.

Our next topic on the ground floor will be Summer & School. We will be learning about different transport methods, taking surveys and using maps to plot our route to school/ see where we are going on holiday. We will also be exploring the book ‘Tiddler’ as part of our transition project.

The Hedgehogs have been learning all about dinosaurs this month. We have been learning about the different sizes and colours of dinosaurs and using paint and various materials (including dinosaurs!) to make prints for our displays. We have also been reading the book ‘Ten Little Dinosaurs’ and are all great at making dinosaur noises!

Out & About

The Foxes and Rabbits have been taking part in our Forest School sessions at Sciennes woodland. We have been having a great time bug hunting, building dens and developing our gross motor skills by using the balancing logs. We have also been collecting lots of sticks which we have been using to paint, glue and make models with.

The Hedgehogs have been spending time over at the Meadows park and Sciennes and have been having lots of fun exploring the new climbing frame at the park! In the garden the Hedgehogs have been having lots of tea parties at the mud kitchen, we have all been doing lots of sharing and handing out cups of ‘tea’ to our friends.

Our Care Home visits are still going really well, this month we have managed to have a few outdoor picnics with the residents. We have also done some of our planting with the residents and observed how our plants grew at the Care Home. We have invited the residents to come to the nursery to listen to the Rabbits sing their summer show songs later this month.

The Rabbits went on their spring trip to the Botanic Gardens this month where they took part in a work shop called ‘Grandpa’s Garden’. We learned how to care of plants so they can grow to be healthy and strong. We also listened well to a story and explored the garden, looking out for creatures such as butterflies and worms as we explored.


We would like to welcome Katie Treadgold to Meadows. Katie has experience working with all age groups and will be based on the middle floor with the Hedgehogs.

We will sadly be saying Goodbye to Denisa at the end of June. Denisa will be going back to Greece to spend some time with her family. We would like to thank Denisa for all her hard work during her time at Meadows.

We have also said a sad goodbye to Katie Gibson who has just recently married and is moving with her husband to a new home in England. Katie has been with Meadows for 3 years and we are very sorry to see her go. We wish Katie all the best for her future.

Karen and Carrie have been jointly covering the deputy manager position for the last few months whilst Katie took a back seat. Karen and Carrie will now continue in their role as joint deputy managers.

Diary Dates

8th June- Sports Day

22rd June- Summer Show & Graduation (Rabbits)

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