Nursery News January 2018 Millerfield Place

Nursery News January 2018

Parent Breakfast

The children were thrilled to have their parents join them for breakfast in the nursery this month. Children, parents and staff sat down to a hearty spread of porridge, yoghurt, fruit and croissants with jam. Parents enjoyed the opportunity to have a chat and to get to know each other a bit better.

Buggy Storage

As you may know, we have very limited storage space for buggies, bikes and scooters, and we would therefore please ask all parents to only use the storage facilities if you need to. We would also like to ask all parents to please use buggies that fold up easily and take up little room rather than large bulky buggies so that more buggies can fit in the buggy hut.

Please do not leave buggies in the front garden outwith the buggy hut as the Rabbits & Foxes will be using the front garden throughout the day.

Finally, could we please ask that, when using the hanging rack in the front hall, you ensure that the rack is not overloaded and that buggies are not left insecure ( eg hanging by one handle) as this can result in buggies falling off the rack.

Nativity & Christmas Parties

The Rabbits & Foxes did really well performing their Nativity at the church. The children had all worked really hard learning the songs and their parts, so very well done guys! We all had a great time at the party with Tricky Ricky and Santa! The Hedgehogs also had lots of fun at their Christmas Party with Santa. Thank you to all parents who attended our Christmas Parties.

We would like to say a big thank you to Pete (Pearl’s Dad) for playing the guitar while we rehearsed our show and for playing the piano for us during our Christmas Party. We would also like to thank Pete for being Santa at the church!


Our current block of Tatty Bumpkins is on Thursday mornings for a six week period. All Rabbits and Foxes in the nursery on Thursdays will have the opportunity to take part in the classes. Enjoy-a-ball is now held at the Meadows on Tuesday afternoons for a six week block. We change the days of both classes every few months to ensure that all children can take part.

Care Home visits and Forest Schools have also resumed, please see the notice in the front hall for children attending the first block.


We would like to welcome Marta and Munira to Meadows! Marta will be working mainly on the middle floor with the Hedgehogs and Munira will work on both floors on break cover hours 9:30-3:30 until she returns to University in July.

Staff CPD

This month all staff have taken part in child protection and child development training, gaining knowledge of the most up to date procedures for child protection situations.

Diary Dates

Please note our 2018 diary dates.

25th January Scottish Breakfast (8am – 9.30am)
22nd March Parents Evening (6.30- 8.30pm)
12th April Continental Breakfast (8 – 9.30am)
24th May Spring Trip (3’s & over)
29th May School Leavers Treat
1st June Primary 1 / Nursery Party ( 3- 5pm)
7th June Sports Day 10.30am
22nd June Graduation & Summer Show 2pm
12th July Parent Summer Social 7 – 9pm
21st August Tea Party ( 3 – 5pm)
13th September Bring a Parent to Nursery Day
25th October Parents Evening
31st October Halloween Party
7th December Christmas Theatre
14th December Nativity & Christmas Party
21st December Nursery closes at 6pm
3rd January 2019 Nursery reopens at 8am

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