Our typical day

Most of our time at nursery is spent playing in the garden, in the play park or in one of the playrooms. All the rooms in our nursery have a special name and we play at different things in each of the rooms: dollies, play dough, paint, gluing, books, drawing, dressing up, cars, building bricks, bikes, sand & water and a few other things too! Sometimes we all get together for a sing-song and actions and dance or a story and we love listening to our teacher on the guitar and piano. When we’re not playing we’re eating, drinking, sleeping or having our nappies changed!

We all especially love our nursery trips where we get to explore our local parks and nature reserves. Other times, we’ll visit the library or the museum or the play park which is only a few minutes walk from our nursery.

We explores different topics with our grown ups and this helps us with turn-taking, concentrating and listening and we learn all kinds of things. We all really love just having a chat with our friends and teachers. Some of us like to write, read and draw. We also get together with all our friends to sing, listen to stories and have our chill time.