Our Aims and Objectives

Meadows Nursery will be a place where children can thrive.


o Creates an inviting, trustful and respected space where children, families and employees are treated respectfully and equally

o Offering a healthy, safe, secure and inspiring learning environment where children can learn and grow

o Provides high quality child centred education and care by promoting the development of creativity, free choice, individuality and self – confidence

o Modelling positive examples to inspire children to be kind, imaginative and independent individuals

o Supporting employees in the development of their professional practices.


o Promoting the rights of the children in our care through listening, respecting and responding to all our children’s needs.

o Working in partnership with parents and the wider community

o Making the transition from home to nursery, room to room, nursery to school, as positive and compassionate as possible for both children and parents. We want to excel at this and will continually focus on improving these transition journeys.

o Promoting positive behaviour with the emphasis on praise, respect and encouragement.

o Developing children’s skills, knowledge and self-esteem through play, both structured and independent, indoor and outdoor.

o Promoting environmental awareness in the curriculum and daily nursery life through health and wellbeing, waste minimization and energy efficiency.

o Making a commitment to continual improvement and the achievement of excellence through supporting, encouraging and investing in our staff, and by listening and engaging with our children and parents