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Rabbits & Foxes News April 2019

Rabbits and Foxes News April 2019

A massive welcome goes to Keir and Mila who started with us on the Ground Floor this month.

Happy birthday to Devin who has turned 4 this month!

IMG_2390What an amazing month we have had in April. This month has been all about Spring and the life cycle where the children have been partaking in a range of experiences to help them to better understand Spring. They have been exploring plants (as well as planting them) in order to learn all of their main components, as well as what they need to survive. The Rabbits have also been looking at fact books to learn about Spring time – they decided which book they thought would be helpful, and why, before starting to learn the important parts of the book (ie front cover, title etc) and finally enjoying the facts that they could find. We have also managed to further facilitate their Numeracy skills by using the natural resources we have found in the garden and out on trips to help us create number lines which we then used to sequence, represent quantities and further develop our ability to recognise the numbers.

IMG_2369The Rabbits and Foxes also did a small piece on the Christian story of Easter, which was very interesting. They learned about how Jesus died and came back to life – resurrected – in order to help humans do more good deeds. As part of this lesson we created a wonderful Easter garden where we made caves, animals and people out of clay and planted lots of seed to represent the story we had heard.

Now that the good weather has finally arrived the Rabbits and Foxes have been enjoying a lot of water play in the garden! We have been filling any container we can with water and using all sorts of messy materials to give us the most fun water play we have had for a while. We have also been incorporating our Loose Parts play into this where we have left pipes, crates, stands, balls and other random materials for the children to build with – it has always turned out to be a ball or water run! It has been incredibly rewarding to see the children effectively using the loose parts and blocks to work together and build extravagant structures and then using their problem solving skills to work out how to further develop them or fix any issues.

IMG_2416Unfortunately we had to miss out on 2 weeks’ worth of Tatty Bumpkins and Enjoy-A-Ball for the Easter holidays but we are all mega excited to get these classes back up and running again – they are great for the children’s development and it is a huge plus that the children appear to love their sessions.

Next for us on the Ground Floor – once the children feel they have finished learning about plants and Spring – looks like we will be starting to look at “Transport”. The children have been showing a growing interest in aeroplanes, trains, buses and bikes so we very much look forward to seeing how we can develop this into future learning in May!

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Rabbits & Foxes News March 2019

Rabbits and Foxes News March 2019

IMG_2141The Foxes and Rabbits have been very busy this month! We have been enjoying the brighter weather during our Forest School excursions to Blackford pond, during which we have been building dens, measuring trees, making tree rubbings and watching all of the toads during their migration period!



IMG_2118We have been closely focusing on Health and Wellbeing recently, discussing the benefits of healthy eating and the importance of hand washing, we carried out fun activities including the UV hand washing test. Everyone has received lots of special hand washing stickers for good and consistent hand washing.

Our new letters have been ‘P’ (Plant) and ‘F’(Flower) in keeping with our Spring and life cycles topic and our numbers were ‘5’ and ‘10’. We also practiced counting and sorting using coloured balls which was lots of fun!  We have recorded our learning in our Letters and Numbers book if you’d like to come and take a look…

IMG_2176We have continued to enjoy our weekly Enjoy-a-Ball outings over at the Meadows where we learn ball skills, balance, coordination and team work and our Tatty Bumpkin visits where we experience calm but fun yoga techniques.

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Rabbits & Foxes News February 2019

Rabbits and Foxes News February 2019

We would like to say a huge Happy Birthday to Eva and Iggi who turned 3 this month and a big Meadows Nursery welcome to Ben who joined us in the Rabbits group.

IMG_3557February has been yet another very busy month for the Foxes and Rabbits on the Ground Floor. The topic for this month has been “Scotland”. For the duration of this topic the staff have been providing lots of experiences for the children, focusing mainly on developing the children’s knowledge of symmetry; how people in Scotland used to live; historical land marks; Scottish food and dance; and finally Scottish stories, rhymes, songs and words! The children seemed to really enjoy the planned experiences and did some lovely work in the floor book to reflect this.

We have been quite lucky with the weather this month and have started using the water tray again with nice warm water. The younger Foxes seemed to have really enjoyed pouring the water down the runs. We have also moved all of our wooden blocks into the playhouse and it has been impressive to see how imaginative the children can be with them.

The Foxes and Rabbits have continued to enjoy their Tatty Bumpkin sessions! They have been going on all sorts of adventures with Amanda and Tatty and always seem to look forward to the next session.

We have also been continuing with Enjoy-A-Ball sessions over at the Meadows. The Rabbits ball skills are developing every time and we all love to see the children achieving and having fun.

Our older Rabbits have started their weekly Forest Schools sessions at Blackford Pond. We spent our first week exploring the areas we can use and allowing the children to become acclimatised to their surroundings. Over the next 5 weeks we will be developing the children’s outdoor skills and abilities.

February was a really busy, fun and active month for the Foxes and Rabbits. Now we just can’t wait to see what March brings for us!



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Rabbits & Foxes News December 2018

Rabbits and Foxes News December 2018

Happy birthday to Flora, Alex, Deny and Dylan who all turned 4 this month!

The Rabbits and Foxes have had a very busy month in December. They enjoyed learning more about other cultures and their celebrations whilst incorporating shapes, songs and poems into this as well. We did this through looking at different buildings from around the world and creating them out of various different 2D and 3D resources. The children also learned several words in other languages and some Christmas songs in Spanish and French.

As well as this, the children have been getting stuck right into various different Christmas crafts for their parents as presents. For this they created their own cards, calendars, bags and made a salt dough decoration as well.

The most exciting part of December was our Christmas Fair and Party. All the children and adults who attended seemed to have had such a great time engaging with the various activities that we had to offer. We had a lovely big snack; cupcake decorating and paper chains. We can’t thank Alex’s mum, Gesine, enough for coming and creating Gingerbread houses with the children, as well as Emily’s mum, Katie, for making some Santa Stars. We then had Tricky Ricky’s magic show and finally Santa came to hand out some presents (thanks to Ben’s grandad for this)! The party was a huge success, so thank you to everyone who helped out and attended to make it such a wonderful afternoon.

From all staff on the Ground Floor, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!



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Rabbits & Foxes News October 2018

Rabbits and Foxes News October 2018

We would like to wish a very happy birthday to Chunyi, Reuben and Anna who turned 4 this month. We recently welcomed Zdenek to the Ground Floor, we are sure he will have lots of fun with the Rabbits!

We are very sorry to say goodbye to Myles and Sarah who are going to school nursery.

October has been a very busy month for our Foxes and Rabbits with our new topic Transport. The children learned all about different ways of travelling on various modes of transport. They also learned how to find information about transport using non-fiction books and also how to tell the difference between fiction and non-fiction books.

The Rabbits made tally charts and discussed which modes of transportation we use to get to the nursery in the morning. We have been learning how to put things in the groups of different sizes or colours using cars, planes and trains. As a part of this topic we have also talked to the children about road safety.

Over last week we prepared for Halloween party. The children baked different types of biscuits and scones as well as making Halloween decorations to make the Nursery look very spooky!  The children also enjoyed learning about Halloween traditions.

Following on from Halloween, we have decided our next topic will be “Multiculturalism” to celebrate the uniqueness of our children and the cultures that they have brought into our Nursery. Not only will we be celebrating the uniqueness of each child, we will also discuss how everyone should be treated equally whatever their cultural background.




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Rabbits & Foxes News September 2018

Rabbits and Foxes News September 2018

A big welcome goes to Aiden, Krishna, Emily, Max and Julek who joined us in the Rabbits group this month!

This month has been very busy with the Rabbits and Foxes learning together about “People Who Help Us!”  We have been doing all sorts of really great activities that have furthered our knowledge on the people we can go to in the community to help us in specific situations. Some of the experiences provided included a shop set up in the garden where the children learned about paying for objects as well as learning about the different types of coins; story books based on the topic and discussing the characters roles in more depth; watching videos and role playing emergency situations, as well as practicing how to dial 999!

The Foxes have also been learning a lot about people who help them and seemed to enjoy joining in with a lot of the Rabbits experiences! We did however provide some specific experiences for them that included some new puzzles and Velcro scene that allowed the children to practice their matching and problem solving skills as well as furthering their knowledge of people who help them.

We have now finished up our block of Forest Schools – unfortunately due to weather and other unfortunate circumstances we only managed one trip to Blackford Pond, however the boys and girls still had a lot of fun out at Sciennes Woodlands using natural materials to weave and create some magnificent pieces of artwork for the nursery.

We have now concluded our visits with the Care Home for the year. We are hopeful that we will be able to start these back up next year as we found it a really valuable experience for the children to be able to learn from the residents.

Next block we are looking forward to finding out what the children would like to learn about “Transport” and “Autumn”. The children are so interested in cars, buses, planes etc and they love all the leaves that are now falling off of the trees.

The children also have their Halloween party coming up, and we look forward to seeing everyone, staff included, in their fancy dress costumes and having a party!


Next block we are looking forward to finding out what the children would like to learn about “Transport” and “Autumn”. The children are so interested in cars, buses, planes etc and they love all the leaves that are now falling off of the trees.

The children also have their Halloween party coming up, and we look forward to seeing everyone, staff included, in their fancy dress costumes and having a party!


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Rabbits & Foxes News August 2018

Rabbits and Foxes News August 2018

Happy birthday to Peter has turned 4 this month!

We very sadly said goodbye to some of our children who went off to school or to their school nurseries. However we have also said a big welcome to Mila who started with us in the Rabbits group.

IMG_5632At the end of July, the Rabbits and Foxes started the topic “All About Us”. Through this topic, the children enjoyed lots of creative and interesting activities that help them to discover and learn more about their bodies. With the introduction of our (fake!) skeleton – which the children named Maggie – we were able to go into some finer detail about our bones and how we are able to move them. We were then able to further facilitate this by playing different movement games in the garden. The children then moved on to learn where all the different organs go and placed the organ names on Maggie.

The Rabbits enjoyed talking about everyone’s height, eye and hair colour to put into charts. We looked at how everyone looks a bit different, and had valuable discussions on everyone being treated the same even when we all look different.

Both the Rabbits and the Foxes learned about their senses and enjoyed different sensory experiences to stimulate them. In the first week we focused on taste; in the second we did smell; in the third touch; and in the final week we focussed on sound. The children experienced tasting different types of food; touching things with different textures without seeing them and being asked to describe how this felt; they also listened to different animal and nature sounds and tried to identify these.

In September, we look forward to getting started with our next topic which will be “People Who Help Us”.


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Rabbits & Foxes News July 2018

Rabbits and Foxes News July 2018

Happy birthday to Sebastian who turned 3 and Myles who turned 4 in July!

A big welcome goes to Theia, Iggi and Eva who moved up to the Foxes group this month. Their settles have been going very well and they are now enjoying being with their new friends on the ground floor.

IMG_5658For the month of July, because lots of children are on holiday, we put a hold on our formal planning and instead focused on doing Responsive Planning and providing experiences and continuous provision based around the children’s immediate needs and interests. Naturally the children were keen to be talking about summer and Summer Holidays. The girls thought of many exciting experiences to do with the children, including looking at the world map and discussing where on holiday the children have been, or would like to go. From this we moved on to creating objects that we would take on our holidays from our junk modelling and arts boxes. The Rabbits and Foxes all especially enjoyed making flip flops from ribbon and cardboard!

We have also been going on lots of trips, managing to get some of the children in a mixed age group out every single day. The children have all been enjoying going to the Meadows Park, to the Sciennes Woods or to Mini Zoomers at the Summerhall for sensory session.

IMG_5705We resumed our formal planning at the end of July. Since we are welcoming new children to our floor we thought it would be a good idea to do an “All About Me” topic. This would allow the children to learn about their bodies as well as allowing the children and staff to get to know each other that little bit better. When having the floor books discussions on what the children already know and what they would like to learn, the Rabbits said that they didn’t only want to learn about themselves but about others also, so we changed the title of the topic to “All About Us” to fit in with their interests. For the foreseeable weeks we will be learning all about our bodies; how we can move them; discussing the difference we can see between each other; as well learning more in depth about our senses. From this the children also expressed an interest in doctors and fire fighters so we will be incorporating “People Who Help Us” into this, should the children still find it an interesting topic.

July has been a fantastic month for us all on the ground floor with lots of different, interesting experiences going on and we now look forward to the exciting learning that is to be had in August!



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Rabbits & Foxes News June 2018

Rabbits and Foxes News June 2018

A big happy birthday to Saul who turned 3 this month and moved up to the Rabbits group!

Welcome to Rengim, Emma and Angus who have moved downstairs this month. They have now settled in very well and seem to be enjoying their time in the Foxes group.

June has been incredibly busy for the Rabbits, finishing their planning block about Summer and School, as well as practicing for their production of Harry Potter. We also had our Sports Day across at the Meadows! We had brilliant weather and it was absolutely fantastic to have so many parents turn up to support all of the Rabbits. We played lots of running, jumping and ball skills games for the morning. We then had some juice, received our medals and enjoyed playing at the park. It was also amazing to see all of the Rabbits supporting their team mates in such a positive way.

The Rabbits who are going to school have been learning about what they will need to get ready for school – such as uniform, pens, pencils etc. They also thought about their routine at nursery and discussed the sorts of things they might be doing at school. They created a visual time table in the floor book that could be rearranged to suits the needs of the day. All of the Rabbits then discussed their feelings and ways that they can cope with sadness and change – for this we talked about meeting new teachers, friends and other people who may be working this us, what our feelings might be at these times and who we can speak to about this.

The Rabbits performed their Summer Show on Friday 22 June. It was absolutely amazing to have so many family members turn out to watch the wonderful production and join us for a party afterwards. The children had worked very hard to learn their lines, songs and help to make the props.

The Foxes have been focusing on their fine and gross motor skills, as well as developing their hand eye coordination. We have done this through both planned activities and continuous provision using balls, balloons, hockey sticks, clubs etc. We have also been promoting their creativity, curiosity and inquiring by providing them with lots of interesting, natural and sensory materials for them to make various pieces of magnificent art work with. The Foxes have also been aiding in the settling and starting of the boys and girls who recently joined us.

The Foxes and younger Rabbits have had their turn of Forest Schools enjoying weekly walks out to Sciennes to build dens and tree swings as well collecting lots of natural materials and learning further about their community and wild life.

We have also been continuing our Care Home visits every 2 weeks which both Foxes and Rabbits children enjoy. As well as this, we have had many trips out to the park and fruit shop, especially now that the weather is so delightful!

Since we are just finishing up our current topic we will now be having discussion with the children so that we can choose our next topic!



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Rabbits & Foxes News May 2018

Rabbits and Foxes News May 2018

A big welcome to Ava who joined us in the Rabbits group this month.

We are sadly saying goodbye to Viven at the end of this month. Viven has been with us for the last little while as a student and she has been such an asset to us in this time. I’m sure all the staff and children on the ground floor will miss her greatly. We would love to thank Viven for all she has helped us with!

May has been an incredibly busy and fun month for all of us here on the ground floor! This month we finished up our topic of Life Cycle. We learned lots of really interesting things about various different life cycles including that of a human, plants and animals. All of the children seemed to really enjoy planting different types of plants, learning about what these need to grow and watering them every day. As part of this topic we had some live caterpillars join us in the Flower Room. We watched them go into their cocoons and eventually turn into some beautiful butterflies. Once the butterflies were ready, we released them as a whole nursery in the back garden – some of the Foxes and Rabbits had the opportunity to hold them before they flew off.

The children also made some brilliant artwork to go on our display which depicts their learning through this topic.

The Foxes focused a lot on the different types of animals we have and enjoyed doing different sorting and matching activities to match this. They expressed quite an interest in bugs and insects, so for this we went on many trips where they went bug hunting. They found many different types of interesting bugs which they were able to hold and learn more about the environment that they thrive in. On their nature walks the Foxes also collected lots of natural materials which all children have been using for arts and crafts as well as in the playdough.

We’ve just finished a short block of Forest Schools where the older Foxes and younger Rabbits enjoyed having half days at the Sciennes woodland. They spent their time building dens, hammocks and tree swings amongst many other valuable activities. We look forward to our next block on Thursdays for 4 weeks.

We have also been continuing with our usual Care Home visits and Tatty Bumpkins which all children seem to be really enjoying.

The Rabbits have started their new combined topic of School and Summer. We did a talking tub for both these topics and really enjoyed hearing the children’s ideas of what they would like to learn about.

As well as this we have been practicing really hard for our Summer Show of Harry Potter. The Foxes have also been helping us to make our props! We are really looking forward to doing our dress rehearsal for the residents of the Care Home and then finally our whole show at the end of June!

As well as of this, we had the most amazing Spring Trip to the Royal Botanical Gardens. All of the Rabbits behaved beautifully both on the way to, back, getting on and off of the bus. They have great road sense and we couldn’t have asked for better behaviour. Whilst we were there the children (and staff!) enjoyed exploring the grounds and having lunch before part taking in a fun and interesting workshop all about gardening and the work that is involved in looking after a big garden. On our way back we explored some more of the grounds and learned some names of the trees and plants.

We are now looking forward to June, which I’m sure is going to be another busy month that is full of creativity, fun and learning!



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