Rabbits & Foxes News February 2017

Rabbits and Foxes News February 2017

A big welcome to Malcolm who started his settles with us this month, as well as Charlie, Branwen, Isabella, Reuben, Chunyi and Pearl who have moved down from the Hedgehogs group!

Also a welcome to Denisa who is our new teacher in the Rabbits group.

Happy birthday to Gigi who turned 4 and Lara who turned 4!

IMG_0667Now that we are at the end of February, we have finished our topic on Scotland and other cultures. The children learned a lot about the country that they live in – this included the story of Robert Burns and Greyfrairs Bobby. We also enjoyed learning about different foods and drinks we have in Scotland and we looked at healthy eating. The Rabbits put together their own plates, using clippings from magazines, of their favourite foods to eat. They then told us if they thought that these foods were healthy or unhealthy.

To round off this topic the older Rabbits went on a trip to the Storytelling Museum and Edinburgh Museum where they got to see a short video on the history of Edinburgh. It was lots of fun! After we came back, the children used the Lego and Duplo to build their own cities – their creations were amazing.

We have also just started our Observation week for planning. We have been listening to the children’s interests and thoughts for us to base our 4 weeks of activities on. At the moment the children are interested in clocks – including the mechanics of them – as well as Spring.

The Foxes have been busy exploring different textures and colours. They have been getting crafty with these and have produced some amazing pieces of artwork. As well as this they have been joining in with our baking activities where they have practiced their measuring and numbers.

The Foxes have also just finished their block of Forest Schools where they enjoyed den building, rope tying and many other things up at the Sciennes woods.

All the children have been thoroughly enjoying Tatty Bumpkins, Enjoy-A-Ball and our Care Home visits and we are already looking forward to the new blocks.





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