Squirrels News September 2014

Welcome to Squirrels News September 2014

This month the Squirrels have loved baking. We have made lots of yummy treats to have for snack and go home. We made some fruit scones, blueberry muffins and oatmeal cookies. We are all very good at taking turns and sharing. The Squirrels have been learning about simple measuring during our baking experiences, we have talked about how much of each ingredient we need i.e. 100g. We have also been practising bakingsome new skills. We especially liked rolling out the fruit scones and then cutting them into shapes. Evie loves baking when she find out we are baking she gives a big smile and shouts “baking!”.We also made some yummy snacks for our tea party and bake sale for Macmillan Cancer support, where we managed to raise a fantastic £116.03. Thank you to everyone who came along, it was a great day!

consturctionWe have also been really interested in construction. The Squirrels have used a range of different resources to build with; lego, mobilo, magnetic blocks and stickle bricks. We have been using our imaginations to create and build lots of different things. Our favourites are cars and trains. Connor has especially like using the magnetic blocks. He can build fantastic cars which he likes zooming around the room.

seonsory bottlesWe all had great fun making our new sensory bottles. We made some coloured rice using rice and food colouring to put inside some of them. We used a funnel to help us pour the rice into the bottles it was “funny” watching the rice go into the different bottles. Yelena laughed lots as she poured in the rice. We also made some bottles with glitter and coloured water. We especially like the blue glittery one.

sensory play bagsSensory messy play has been another favourite for us this month. Some of us did not like touching the wet messy play, so we put it all into Ziploc bags for us to explore. We loved it! And our hands stayed nice and clean. Romain loved the bag with gluck inside. He watch closely as the gluck slowly ran around the bag. He also liked squeezing the bag with shaving foam.

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