Squirrels News February 2015

Squirrels News – February 2015

Sensory/ Messy Play

Sensory PlayThe Squirrels have had lots of messy play this month! We liked exploring all of the different textures including oats, flour, gluck and pasta! We used our hands to touch and feel how they felt! We also had fun painting with shaving foam! It was very messy. We bathed the babies too with cloths and soapy, bubbly water. Some of us were so wet we even had a bath ourselves! We painted using lots of different resources too, especially our hands and fingers! We also painted with different fruit and veg to see what patterns and shapes we could make. Some of us joined in making sensory bags using lots of different things. We put Wheatabix in one, shaving foam in another, beads, flour and lots of other things!

TweezersCognitive Play

We have been carrying on with our Special Day this month, introducing colours too! We have been bringing in items that are red and yellow! As it is World Book Week coming up, we will start bringing in our favourite books from home too! Some of us have been looking at letters and numbers using the flash cards and magnetic letters. We have also been building up our fine motor skills using the tweezers to pick up pom poms.

Building TowersPhysical Play

Out in the garden we have enjoyed building towers with the big blocks! We have also been singing lots of songs in the garden, including Sleeping Bunnies! Some of us also went on a trip to the park with the Foxes group too! We had lots of fun on the Pirate Ship and going down the slide.

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