Hedgehogs & Squirrels News April 2015

Hedgehogs & Squirrels – April 2015

Welcome to Gwion, Victor, Elsa, Holly and Lucas who all started this month in the Hedgehogs group! We also said a big Happy Birthday to Josh and Victor who both turned 1 this month.

Car Play - Website April 2015We have enjoyed lots of car play this month! We were rolling them down the ramps in the garden which was very exciting as they went super fast! We were also driving them in the sand pit! We will try some car painting next month to further develop this interest! We will also build up car tracks and draw our own roads using chalk in the garden!

water play website april 2015



We also had some water play in the garden on a sunny Friday! We were using the jugs, cups and bowls to pour all the water out! We were also doing lots of splashing in the bubbly water! We will carry this out more now the nicer Summer weather is coming in by providing more messy play in the garden.

Some of us have been promoting our fine motor skills in the playdough by using the pegs, pipe cleaners and spaghetti. We have also liked using the different sized metal bowls in the play dough! We will further promote this by using pasta, buttons and beads.

IMG_6530The Squirrels were working on their problem solving skills with the Gruffalo jigsaws. We all took turns trying to complete the 2, 3, 4 and 5 piece puzzles. We were all very confident at completing the 3 piece one!

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