Hedgehogs News September 2016

Hedgehogs News September 2016

We would all like to wish Happy Birthday to Julek and Krishna who have turned 1 and Isabella who has turned 2 this month!

Tree Room

In the Tree Room this month our main focus and the children’s interest has been role play and dressing up. We changed our dressing up area to Doctors which the children have all enjoyed, dressing up as doctors and playing doctors with their friends. The older Hedgehogs have been doing a range of table top activities such as puzzles, sorting eggs, sorting games and magnetic letter and numbers.  These activities help the children develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

dolls-and-buggiesBird Room

In the Bird Room our younger Hedgehogs have been using crayons and chalk to mark-make on paper and chalk boards. We have also enjoyed exploring our sensory baskets.  Favourite this month has been the shakers and musical instruments making lots of different sounds.

Animal Room

We have had fun and messy activities this month. We have been doing lots of mark-making on the white board using coloured pens attached to cars, rolling the cars to make different shapes and patterns.  We have also been exploring lots of natural resources in the texture tray exploring textures such as leaves, grass, pine cones, shells and sticks.  The children have also used the grass and leaves with glue, sticking them down to create their own pictures.


The Hedgehogs have enjoyed using paint brushes and water pretending to paint the walls and toys of the garden, making different shapes and patterns. We have also had fun using the bikes and buggies this month.




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