Hedgehogs News October 2017

Hedgehogs News October 2017

A big Welcome! to Thomas, Solo, Angus, Cormac and Salman, our new Hedgehogs, who started with us this month – and a very Happy Birthday! to Julek, Max, Emily and Krishna who are now 2 and to Cormac who recently had his first birthday.

IMG_4675This month the children have been very busy helping to make a pond for our Tree Room wall display. It has been great fun, gluing and sticking with our friends. We have had lots of activities to encourage and develop our fine motor skills, using our big chalk board and threading pasta through spaghetti. We have also been exploring our junk modelling table, gluing and sticking lots of different things, painting and playing in the sand and water tray.

In the Tree Room, we have been doing lots of different Number and animal puzzles, drawing on paper and magazines with chalk and crayons, also doing role play with dolls, story time and lots of music time that keeps us very active and on our toes. We have been practicing taking off our socks and shoes and putting them back when it’s time to go to the garden or go home. This encourages the children to become independent along with their fine motor skills and concentration skills.

IMG_4387We have been using the Bird Room, which is a nice quiet room, for our tired little Hedgehogs who need naps throughout the day. We also use this room for Hedgehogs to explore texture and sensory play.

Garden time is always great fun, we get all wrapped up in our waterproofs if it’s raining so we can still go out to play. Some of us have been developing and using our hand and feet coordination, kicking and throwing balls with our teachers and friends. Our teachers read us stories in the Garden Room if we want to have quiet time or we free play in the garden with the slide, buggies, babies, building blocks, sand play, bikes, balls, and our Wendy house where we also do role play and peekaboo.

We continue to go to the Care Home every second Wednesday with two Hedgehogs and 4 children from downstairs. We really enjoy the activities with the residents and making friends with them. We have also had trips to the Meadows park with our older Foxes and Rabbits which is great fun.



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