Hedgehogs News November 2017

Hedgehogs News November 2017

A big welcome to Bo, Arran, Fin and Leon our new Hedgehogs who joined us in October.

IMG_8447This month we had lots of texture and sensory play. We had a tray full of crazy foam, shaving foam, pasta, spaghetti, oats, rice, feathers and straws which we explored with our hands and feet. The sand tray also had lots of different coloured foam in it, which encourages us to explore textures and to use our fine motor skills. Our teachers made sensory bottles which the babies especially liked. We made some cards for our new Hedgehog friends and did lots of gluing and painting with our junk modelling.

IMG_8566We have had fun with the tunnels and building blocks which encourage us to develop our gross motor skills. The Hedgehogs have also been busy doing puzzles, role playing in our home corner, reading stories with our teachers, and enjoying music time.

We continue to go to the Care Home every second Wednesday with two hedgehogs and four children from the ground floor. We have also had trips to the park with our older Foxes and rabbits as well.

IMG_8664For Halloween we had a tea party, where we all dressed up in different costumes. We did some baking with our teachers and made biscuits and crispy cakes. Some parents came along and we had great fun dancing and colouring in Halloween pictures.



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