Hedgehogs News October 2015

Hedgehogs News October 2015

messy playMessy play

This month the Hedgehogs have all had a great time exploring messy play using our senses. We used our hands to explore the sand, gluck, water, oats and more and then used our feet! Lots of us thought this was very funny because the spaghetti and other things tickled our little feet!

We have been doing lots of artwork using Autumn colours this month! When we’re out in the garden we enjoy looking up at the leaves and exploring the texture of the leaves.

outdoor playOutdoor/Physical Play

We have had lots of fun in the garden exploring with the leaves/collecting leaves to explore with messy play. We have enjoyed throwing and rolling the balls and transferring the balls by rolling them down pipes. The children had lots of fun doing this and taking turns.

We have also enjoyed doing lots of dancing and action activities indoors.

Role play

Some of the children have been very interested in playing in the house corner. They have enjoyed a range of different experiences, including exploring with toy food, playing with the babies and dressing up.

other playOther play

We have also enjoyed doing puzzles and sorting games with the children. This helps us to develop the children cognitively, improves their fine and gross motor skills and also supports their social development as we play these games as table top activities together.

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