Hedgehogs News November 2015

Hedgehogs – November 2015

Welcome to Reuben & Pearl who joined the Hedgehogs in November! Happy Birthday to Dylan who turned one this month and Edith who turned two!

The Hedgehogs have enjoyed lots of messy play activities this month. Due to our new routine, the children are able to explore messy play all throughout the day. We have enjoyed making textured playdough and developing skills by pouring and mixing ingredients. We have also had lots of fun exploring different texture in the messy trays for example:- shaving foam, paint, coloured sand and water, flour, oats, rice and shredded paper. The children loved to explore these with their hands and feet.

The Hedgehogs have really taken an interest in books this month and have really enjoyed listening to stories and looking through the pictures in the books. The children brought in their favourite book from home which they were able to share with friends and listen to the stories at group times. The Hedgehogs have also enjoyed lots of action songs at group time – our favourite this month is ‘Sleeping Bunnies’!

The Younger Hedgehogs are becoming more mobile and starting to pull themselves up on furniture, taking steps and becoming stronger on their feet. They have enjoyed using baby walkers and chairs to be independent and move around inside and outside.

The Hedgehogs have enjoyed making the most of the dry days being outdoors in the garden. We have also enjoyed getting out in the buggies to the library and also going to the park.

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