Hedgehogs News November 2014

Hedgehogs News November

Welcome to Alasdair, Dasha and Lara who have joined us in the Hedgehogs this month!

gardenEvan, Morag and Edith have now moved up to the new Squirrels group this month and the Hedgehogs have been joined by a new friend Battista. We are all having a great time in our new group looking at colours and numbers.

This month we have spent a lot of time exploring our heuristic basket. We enjoyed sorting and organising the objects into containers! We have also really enjoyed building up the car track in the Tree Room and zooming the little cars around it.

MudWe have had lots of fun exploring the mud kitchen in the garden again this month! We brought some mud inside for us to explore in the messy trays. We loved using utensils to transport and mix the mud.

We have all really enjoyed problem solving and working together to do some jigsaw puzzles. It’s good for our fine motor skills too.

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