Hedgehogs News May 2017

Hedgehogs News May 2017

We would like to give a very big welcome our new friends Ella & Sandy who have joined the Hedgehogs this month.

IMG_2921We have had lots of activities in the Tree room this month. We turned our home corner into a grocery shop, with baskets to collect and learn about all different kind of food. We have also had lots of fun exploring our doctors role play set, checking over the teddy bears and babies with it, which has been really fun.

Scented play dough was great fun this month! We added lemon and lime to our play dough and also different colours, so we can learn colours and smells. Our teachers have let us do some tasting of the fruit we put into the play dough. We tasted some lemon and we made lots of funny faces. We have also been splashing in our water tray which has been lots of fun.

IMG_3037In the Bird room this month we have been focusing on a cosy corner with books that we like to read with our teachers and friends. We have lots of picture books and sensory books so we have lots of fun when we are reading. We have also been making funny faces in our mirrors with our friends to see our reflection.

Garden time is always fun in the sun. We have been singing Sleeping Bunnies under our parachute which we use shade us from the sun. We have been on our bikes and our teachers have been drawing tracks and snakes that the children all try to follow with their feet, which helps to develop their eye coordination and balance.

IMG_2890We took a few trips to Meadows Park this month to practice and develop our gross motor skills on climbing frames. We also had trips to the care home and did lots of fun activities such as painting, drawing, catching and reading books with some of the residents.



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