Hedgehogs News May 2016

Hedgehogs News May 2016

We would like to welcome Sebastian who has joined the Hedgehogs this month!

IMG_2138This month our main focus has been mark-making activities. The children have had lots of fun exploring with coloured water, making patterns on the chalk board and on paper. We also did this in the garden, using the paint brushes with coloured water to paint the walls and the ground.



Our favourite song has been “Sleeping Dinosaurs “. The children have had lots of fun doing dinosaur actions and making lots of dinosaur noises. We also had lots of big dinosaurs to play with and explore in our sand tray and also making dinosaur prints using paint and the dinosaur paws.

mark makingThe younger Hedgehogs have been exploring with our sensory bags in the garden. The bags include a range of sensory objects, balls, jars and bottles and a range of materials to touch and feel and explore. The older Hedgehogs have had fun and active activities in the garden, including mark making, tunnels, hoops, balls balancing beams to develop their gross motor skills and balance. We also had lots of fun making a train and boat using crates whilst singing lots of song.



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