Hedgehogs News March 2016

We would like to wish a big Happy Birthday to Matilda who celebrated her 1st birthday this month and to Remi, Gwion and Alasdair who have celebrated their 2nd Birthday!

FullSizeRenderMessy Play

We have had a very fun and messy time in the Animal Room this month. Our main focus has been ‘Five little ducks’ and we have been busy creating duck pictures for our Tree Room display board. We have been using a range of colours, materials, and ducks to make prints using paint and glue to create our own duck art work.  We also enjoyed making our own duck pond by putting blue paint into the water and ducks to swim. The Hedgehogs really enjoyed exploring with the ducks in the pond.

The Hedgehogs have been interested in using objects to make prints with paint and made Easter cards for their parents/carers. We did this by using potato prints using lots of bright colours, mixing them together with the potatoes and making lots of different prints for the Easter cards.

RoundaboutTree Room

The Hedgehogs have enjoyed a range of activities in the Tree Room this month. The children have had lots of physical play using the ball pool and tunnels and have enjoyed exploring with all the balls in the ball pool and making an obstacle course with the tunnels, crawling in and out of the tunnels.  We also enjoyed making a ‘cosy corner’ with the tents and bean-bags for the children to explore with books and musical instruments.

SwingOutdoor Play

We have been spending lots of time in the garden where our main focus this month was an obstacle course. The Hedgehogs have had lots of fun running around in the garden, using balancing beams to balance on, jumping in and out of tyres and crawling through tunnels. We have also enjoyed getting out and about, with a walk around the Meadows and a trip to the Meadows Park where the children enjoyed running around in a large space playing on the swings and the slide.


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