Hedgehogs News June 2017

Hedgehogs News June 2017

The Hedgehogs would like to welcome our new friends Ella, Sandy and Magnus to our nursery.

IMG_3388We have been very busy this month exploring our plastic bugs. Our teachers put bugs in gloves with water and froze them so we could explore the different textures. We have also been fruit painting and making lots of patterns and cards for our new friends. We have had lots of water play and sand play too, we love getting messy and wet in nursery.




We have been doing lots of dancing. We love music and we never stand still when there is a tune playing! We have been singing lots of circle songs and even doing the actions. We have also been very interested in hand washing. We did various activities, including using a gel that allowed us to see the bacteria.

Some of the children have been helping to settle our new little Hedgehogs. We have shown our new friends our sensory toys and texture play.

IMG_3383We have been helping our teachers water the plants in our garden and have been learning about wildlife which was fun. We have lots of water play in the garden and exploring the patterns we can make in the sand.

We have been on trips to the Care Home this month and spent time with the residents. We have also been on trips to the park with our Rabbits and Foxes friends from the nursery. We have lots of fun at the park and enjoy getting out on a walk.




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