Hedgehogs News June 2016

Hedgehogs News June 2016

This month the Hedgehogs have had a busy and fun month and enjoyed a range of fun and exciting activities.

buildersTree Room

In the Tree Room we have a construction work-shop area, where we enjoyed dressing up as builders, wearing vests and builders hats. We have had a range of different tools to explore and a builder’s work bench to use the tools on. The children have been very interested in dressing up as ‘Bob the Builder’ and helping to ‘fix’ things using their tools, whilst taking turns with friends interacting together and developing their fine motor skills.  Our favourite song whilst playing in the work-shop has been “Bob the Builder”!

making trainsAnimal Room

The children have shown an interest in trains, so our main focus in messy play was making our own trains using a range of junk materials such as boxes, tubes, milk bottle, bottle lids and a choice of gluing/ painting material. The Hedgehogs used their own imagination to create their very own trains.

Bird Room

The younger Hedgehogs have enjoyed time in the Bird Room using baby walkers and pulling themselves up or cruising by holding on to furniture and becoming more mobile and confident on their feet. We have also enjoyed sensory play with a variety of textures such as sand, water, glitter, foam, oats and paint, using texture gloves to feel and explore the textures through the gloves.

obstacle courseOutdoor Play

We have been spending lots of time in the garden in the sunshine (and also the rain!). We have enjoyed being out in the rain with our wellington boots on and splashing in the puddles. We have also been developing our gross motor skills and balancing whilst making an obstacle course using crates, tyres and balancing beams, walking across the beams whilst balancing and jumping from tyre to tyre.


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