Hedgehogs News January 2018

Hedgehogs News January 2018

IMG_9231We would like to welcome Sandy who has started with the Hedgehogs this month and to wish Happy Birthday to Solo who has now turned one and to Rengim, Angus, Theia and Emma who turned 2.

This month, the Hedgehogs have been very busy helping to make our flying saucer display. We all made our own flying saucer with a paper plate, paint and different crafts to glue on. Some of us helped to paint and stick foil on the big flying saucer for the centre of the display, which was great fun.

The Hedgehogs have enjoyed doing our new puzzles and spending time in the home corner doing lots of role play with the aprons, clothes and role play food. This is great for the Hegdehogs to develop their imagination and relationships.

IMG_5857This month in our garden we have had lots of great fun transporting the sand with all our different buckets, spades, plates, and kitchen tools in our sand tray and sand kitchen. We have recently been focusing on Hula Hoops and balls which is great for us to develop relationship with friends and teachers.

The Hedgehogs parents joined us for a Scottish breakfast to celebrate Burns Day. The children really enjoyed having their parents spend some time in the playrooms so a bog thanks to all who attended.


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