Hedgehogs News January 2017

Hedgehogs News January 2017

New Hedgehogs

We would like to say a big welcome to our new friends Alex, Nathan, Otto, Rengim and Emily who have started here at Meadows Nursery this month.


We would like to wish our friend Hector and Ruby a very happy 2nd birthday and also Emma and Rengim a happy 1st birthday.

Robert Burns Tea Party

We celebrated Burns Day on 25th January by having a tea party at nursery. We made yummy shortbread, danced to Scottish music and (the best part) was our mums and dads spent the afternoon playing with us.

We had a great time at our tea party and really enjoyed showing our parents our favourite toys and what we like to do here at nursery.

IMG_5702The Animal Room

We have enjoyed many baking activities this month with our teacher Caitlin. We made delicious shortbread for our Burns tea party. We helped to add the mixture to a big bowl and stirred it using a wooden spoon. Sometimes we need a little help but it is always lots of fun.

The Tree Room

In the Tree Room this month our teachers made a big soft play area for us to climb, jump and roll on. It was great fun! We have large soft play blocks that we used to create a wall around two huge beanbags. We had so much fun jumping off them and landing on the soft beanbags, we laughed lots doing this.

We have also been doing lots of dancing in the Tree Room this month. We enjoyed dancing to Scottish music at our Burns Tea Party, and we also enjoyed dancing with the Pom poms and streamers.

The Bird Room

The children all really like seeing their reflection in the new coloured mirrors and the new shakers that are great fun at music time.



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