Hedgehogs News January 2016

Hedgehogs News January 2016

We would like to welcome back all of the Hedgehogs who have settled back in very well after the Christmas break.

A big Happy Birthday to Hector who turned 1 and Dasha who turned 2 this month!

The Hedgehogs have enjoyed a range of messy activities this month focusing on pouring and mixing textures together such as shaving foam, sand, oats, shredded paper and water using a range of utensils to pour and mix. The children have also been making lots of coloured and scented playdough, pouring the ingredients into bowls and mixing it together.

The Hedgehogs have enjoyed a range of role play in the home corner exploring with the new kitchen and food. They have also enjoyed dressing up using bags and hats and looking at their own reflection in the mirror. We have also enjoyed role play with the babies and buggies.

The older Hedgehogs have taken an interest in construction play, building towers with blocks, using objects to stack on top of each other and developing their fine motor skills.

As the weather has not been so good this month, on the days we can’t get outside, the Hedgehogs have been doing a range of physical activities indoors such as dancing and group games. The favourite this month is Ring a Ring o’ roses.

As the preschool children go to the Care Home to visit on a Tuesday afternoon, we have started taking two Hedgehogs for a six week block.

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