Hedgehogs News February 2018

Hedgehogs News February 2018

We would like to welcome Henry who has started with the Hedgehogs this month and to wish Happy Birthday to Iggy and Eva who turned 2 years old this month.

Animal Room

FullSizeRenderThe children have enjoyed a range of messy play activities relating to transport and transporting this month. The children had fun making tracks on paper with paint and cars. We also had some Transport stencils such as Cars, Bikes, Boats, Planes, Buses and Trains which the children used to paint and make their own transport.  We have also been transporting water into the sand tray and exploring different textures and learning about wet and dry sand.

Tree Room

IMG_0161In the Tree room we have had lots of different puzzles to explore such as Transport puzzles, shape puzzles and the Very Hungry Caterpillar which is the children’s favourite at the moment. Our story corner has been most popular this month with lots of new songs the children have been learning to sing along to and join in with some of the actions.


In the garden this month we have had lots of fun using the bikes and making a car track with Tyres and crates.

IMG_0156The children have been racing on the bikes and saying “Ready steady Go”! We have also enjoyed using the wheel barrows and buggies around the garden, collecting objects and transporting these objects to another area of the garden.  Some of our older Hedgehogs have enjoyed a trip to Sciennes, a lovely walk around the woodland area where the children explored and collected some sticks and branches and brought these back to nursery.  The children used the sticks and branches they collected to make some lovely pictures in the messy room.

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