Hedgehogs News August 2016

Hedgehogs News August 2016

We would like to give a big welcome to William, Krishna, Emma and Rafi who have all joined the Hedgehogs this month.

animal puzzlesTree Room

In the Tree Room the children’s interest have been exploring and sorting puzzles. Animal puzzles have been the children’s favourite. The children have been matching the animals together, naming the animals and making the sounds of the animals. This helps the children to develop their fine motor skills and to learn animal names and sounds through this activity.  The children have also shown interest in stories and enjoy looking through and listening to different stories at story/song time.  Some of our older Hedgehogs enjoy having some quiet time sitting in the story corner looking through books.

animals in sandBird Room

We have lots of new toys for the children to explore in our cosy natural Bird Room. The younger children have enjoyed exploring lots of sensory baskets such as pine cones, willow balls, wooden pegs, materials, textured sponges and many more.

Animal Room

The children have been doing lots of fun messy play this month, using a range of glue/paint materials for the children to explore and create their own pictures for our display. Some of the children preferred to use their hands and fingers in the paint to explore the texture and made lots of patterns on the paper.  The children showed an interest in animals this month so we made our very own safari to explore.  We did this by using the large texture tray with sand and lots of wild animals. The younger children enjoyed sitting in the large tray to explore the sand and animals with their hands and feet.

garden water playGarden

The children have been interested in water play out in the garden this month exploring coloured and soapy water with their hands and using a range of toys such as jugs, cups, boats and fish to play in the water with. We have also been using the small and large crates in the garden. The children have enjoyed sitting in the crates and doing lots of singing and actions such as ‘Row Row Row your Boat’ and ‘Wheels on the Bus’ which have been the two most favourite songs this month.


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