Hedgehogs News August 2014

Welcome to Hedgehogs News August 2014

We would like to say a big welcome to our new teachers Sam and Emma who will be working with us, we look forward to getting to know them.

Happy birexploring paintthday to Raphie who turns one this month!

We have all enjoyed exploring paint using various resources this month.  We   liked using sticks, stones, pine cones, lego and stickle bricks (and our hands!) to spread paint onto our paper! We added flour, oats, glitter and shaving foam to the paint to give it different textures.

our picnic


This month we had a picnic lunch out in the garden. We all liked joining in with nurseryrhymes as we ate our lunch, some of us brought our favourite teddy from home to have a picnic with us! We plan to have more picnic lunches in the future!



in the sand



All of the Hedgehogs have been taking part in role play activities lots! Some of us like to explore the different objects in the home corner (utensils, fruit & veg, junk etc) while some of us have had lots of fun exploring the dressing up box. We are becoming more independent and like to try and dress ourselves! We also enjoyed exploring the home corner toys in the garden sand pit, some of us have been filling cups up with sand to make ‘hot tea!’.




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