Hedgehogs News April 2017

Hedgehogs News April 2017

The children have been very busy this month getting ready for the Easter bunny. We all got to paint a card for our loved ones and also paint our own bunny ears. We used feathers, sand, paint, glitter and glue to stick everything on and lots of other messy things to decorate them. We all had lots of fun making our own ears. This develops fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

IMG_2693The children also enjoyed having the baby chicks in the nursery. Watching the chicks hatch was very exciting and the children loved holding the chicks.

We have also had lots of role play using our red and blue building blocks to role play transport such as a bus, train and even a tram. We all got a turn at being the driver, using paper plates for the steering wheel and little wooden blocks for the bus tickets. This is good for the children as they use their imagination and they are also learning to share with each other.

IMG_2495The garden has been lots of fun. We have been playing with the balls and hockey sticks which helps the children to develop hand eye coordination and gross motor skills. We have also been playing lots in our outdoor sand, with lots of measuring jugs, buckets, spades and spoons.

The highlight of the trips this month was the care home visit. We like to do activities with the elderly residents such as drawing and colouring-in, reading books together and also dancing to music.



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