Rabbits News November 2014

Rabbits News

We have a few exciting dates coming up for the Rabbit’s group! On 5th December we will be heading to out on our yearly trip to the Pantomime! On 19th December the children will be performing in their Christmas show. We have all been practising our lines and songs!

Literacy - writing rightsLiteracy

This month we have been finishing off our Space topic and beginning a new topic all about the Rabbit’s rights as children. While working on our Space topic, the children did some fantastic writing to tell us all the names of the different planets and how long they take to orbit the Sun. The children were brilliant at using different sources to find out the information such as books and posters.

At the end of our Space topic we all had a big discussion about all the new things we had learnt (and there was a lot!) and what our favourite activities had been. We then began our new topic on Children’ rights with another discussion where we all told each other all the ideas we had about children’s rights.

At the start of our new topic all of the Rabbits had a go at writing in their new writing jotters. They used these to think about some things that they believed to be their rights as children and wrote these in their jotter before drawing a picture to go with their writing. Everyone had brilliant ideas!

Numeracy - planetsNumeracy

This month our numeracy focus has been all about sorting objects. We did this through sorting the planets into their order, starting at the closet to the sun. We know that there are 8 planets and they are all different sizes and take different lengths of time to go all the way around the sun.

With our new topic, we have a new numeracy focus and this time it is all about using signs and charts. At the beginning of activity time each day we have all been joining up with the Foxes to update our calendar and sing our days of the week song. Everyone is great at their dates and seasons!

Health and Wellbeing

This month we had a visit from Heidi from the Finish your food workshop. She told us all about just how important it is to eat up all your food at every meal. She set us a challenge of eating all our food at home as well and we all had a little sheet to fill in.

We have all been really enjoying our Recipe of the week and finding out what new recipes we will be trying out each week! The Rabbits love to explore all the new flavours.

Social studies - children's rightsSocial Studies

This month, as we have started our new topic, we have been exploring some new ideas all about making decisions and thinking of others as we do different things. The Rabbits have been thinking all about their right to be heard and listened to and have therefore been joining in with evaluating their playrooms in the nursery and looking out for any risks or things they feel need changed.

Forest schoolsForest Schools

Some of the children have been attending Forest Schools this month. While at Forest schools the children have been focusing on different forms of communication. They have been taking the walkie-talkies with them and hiding around the wildlife garden to see if they can hear each other. The Rabbits also really enjoyed building Spider’s webs to use their problem solving skills to climb through or over it. We also built a rope swing which was a great hit with both the children and the staff!


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