Rabbits News January 2015

Rabbits News January 2015

From the beginning of this year, the Rabbits have been following a new approach to planning, whereby we aim to cover all 8 areas of the curriculum through providing opportunities to engage in a range of cross curricular activities.New year goals

This month the Rabbits have shown excellent writing and literacy skills through the brilliant stories they wrote all about what they did during their Christmas holidays. The children also drew a picture to go alongside their stories. The children then thought about the new year and each chose some personal goals which they would like to achieve this year. A lot of the goals are in relation to the children going off to school this year.Bug hotel

As part of our Eco schools, the children wanted to make a Bug Hotel as a safe and cosy place for all our garden creepy crawlies to live. They took the time to design their own Bug Hotel, thinking about its size, the kinds of rooms it may need and who may live there. We then used a variety of materials to build the Bug Hotel which you can see in our front garden. After building the hotel the children all made up their own short stories about a bug coming to stay at the Bug Hotel.

This month the Rabbits took part in a mini topic on Road Safety. All of the children shared their knowledge and what they would like to find out about in a big discussion which was recorded in our floor book. We then used this as a basis to plan fun and exciting activities for the children. Road safety topic

These activities involved a visit from Dorothy, the local lollipop lady who explained her job to us and the importance of road safety; the children drew their own road signs and learnt a little about what the different signs mean; we added a little drama by acting out our own road safety scenarios and deciding what to do in different situations and, finally, the children carried out a survey of how each child travels to nursery. To do this the children all made a tally mark next to the form of transport they used and then totalled them up to see the majority.Road transport survey

Towards the end of the month we had our Burns’ night celebration day where we all came to nursery dressed in tartan or something Scottish. We then spent the day listening to Scottish stories or music, having a dance to bagpipe music and enjoying a yummy snack of leek and tattie soup and haggis, neeps and tatties – Yummy!Burns supper

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