Rabbits News February 2015

Rabbits News February 2015

We would like to welcome Mia and Baz to our Rabbits group as well as our new Practitioner Jessica who will be key worker for some of the Rabbit children.

This month the children have expressed an interest in Transport.

Traffic surveyThe children have been practicing their excellent mathematical skills through following instructions as Ethan showed everyone how to make a paper aeroplane. The children then had the chance to fly their aeroplanes and measure how far they flew, writing the number down themselves.

It was then Murray’s turn to be the teacher, showing the children how to make treasure maps, working in teams to create a route to find the treasure! Murray even told everyone how to make the maps look old using tea bags – well done Murray!

Ice and sandWe continued our brilliant maths skills as we conducted a traffic survey out in the Meadows. The children used tally marks to record the number of bikes, cars, buses and walkers passing by. The children then combined all their findings to discover the most popular mode of transport.

We have all been mini scientists this month! We carried out some experiments to find out how a sandy road surface or an icy surface would affect how well toy cars would travel. The children discovered that it was harder for the cars to travel over sand and the ice made the cars slide.

Floating and sinkingWe then carried out another science experiment where we had a look at floating and sinking. The children predicted which objects we thought would float and which would sink then tried it out to see if we were right! We even talked about water displacement and buoyancy. We then talked about how boats stay afloat even when they are so big and heavy. Our teachers think we are all very clever.

This month Laura has started up our Pre-school times on Tuesdays and Thursdays. During this time the children learn the skills to prepare them for school. So far the children have enjoyed playing alphabet bingo and learning some sight words, using these sight words to create a book.

Forest schoolsAt Forest schools some of the Rabbits have had a fantastic time climbing trees, building and having a go on a rope swing, and climbing over spider webs which the teachers built for them using ropes. We also practised our teamwork skills by getting the whole team across a balancing beam.


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