Rabbits News April 2015

Rabbits News April 2015

This month the Rabbits have been learning all about Spring. We have really enjoyed watching all the daffodils and blossoms bloom across the Meadows and the Rabbits have been great detectives searching for the signs of Spring.

Planting and wateringWe have all been very busy in the front garden this month as we have planted some wildflower seeds which Baz’s mum kindly gave us. We have all really enjoyed popping out to the garden with our watering cans and rulers to water our seeds and measure their growth. We know that plants need water to help them grow as well as light and soil. Please have a look at our flowers growing in the garden. The tulips that we planted in the wellies are growing really well!

ChicksThis month we had some very very exciting visitors to look after! We had a special delivery of 10 little chick eggs which we had to look after as they began to hatch. We absolutely loved watching the eggs hatch and the little chicks break free and grow. We had a big chat all about what we should name our chicks and drew beautiful pictures of them all in our floorbook. We all had our own chick diary to fill in as the chicks grew to say how many had hatched each day etc. Sadly we had to say goodbye to the chicks as they headed off to a farm on the west coast.

East Links FarmWe have been so lucky this month as we also enjoyed a big trip to East Links Farm at the beginning of the month where we zoomed around on go-karts and said hello to all of the animals. We had a ball playing on the jelly belly and the trampolines and having a ride on the train. Some of our mummies, daddies and grandparents even came along.




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