Rabbits & Foxes News September 2016

Rabbits and Foxes News September 2016

A big welcome to Aisling this month – Aisling is our Rabbits teacher and is taking over the oldest Rabbits as her key children and the Literacy and Numeracy section of our planning. 

Happy birthday to Zander who is now 3!  

This month on the ground floor we have been focusing on learning about ourselves. We have been doing various different activities that helped us to learn more about our bodies. All the Rabbits learned about some of their organs and their functions, before then using a diagram to stick the organs in the correct place on our skeleton in the Busy Bug room.

img_9075We have also been learning a lot about the importance of healthy eating and making sure that we have been drinking enough water. We then participated in an activity where we created our own ‘Eat Well’ plates. We have learned about the appropriate amount of food that we should be eating and a bit about having their 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. 

There has been some discussion on different types of families and the children had a turn of drawing their own families in our floor book, which they really enjoyed – they certainly love talking about their mummies, daddies and any siblings that they may have!  

img_9071Aisling has introduced a ‘Sound Monster’ into our Flower Room which just loves to eat things that start with our letter of the week. The children have been searching high and low for items that started with the right letter and sound to feed him with!

We have also been learning how to measure various items and comparing their size. We have been discussing things that are big or small and using a ruler to measure animals on a worksheet.  

We have been really been enjoying our Forest School session at Blackford Pond – so far we have done lots of exploring of the different paths up there and have gotten really really muddy most days! We have gone right up the Observatory where we found a nice wooded area and were able to build a tree swing and a den! Unfortunately the weather was a bit rubbish one day so we weren’t able to go out, but we went to Clambers instead where we did lots of climbing, running and jumping. It was a lot of fun! We have also been enjoying our Care Home visits every second Wednesday, it is always really nice to spend time with the residents and participate in arts and crafts with them. 

img_8950The Foxes have been very busy doing some Autumn themed activities. They started with a small trip to the Meadows to collect some leaves which they then decorated with paint and glitter for our Seasons display in the Garden Room. They have also been making their own hedgehogs! The Foxes have also really been enjoying the various messy items that they have – including jelly, ice, paint, shaving foam, Gluck and water. They have also had lots of energetic play in the garden with bikes and balls!





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