Rabbits & Foxes News September 2017

Rabbits and Foxes News September 2017

image3This month we have been really busy in the nursery. We said goodbye to some of our oldest Rabbits who have started school and sang Happy Birthday to Peter who turned 3 this month! We have had some great activities starting up again, such as Forest Schools for the Foxes and Enjoy-a-ball for the Rabbits, as well as our regular trips to the Meadows swing park.

Our theme this month has been Dinosaurs. The Rabbits and Foxes been learning all about the different kinds of dinosaurs and when they were alive. The Rabbits have been learning what a rhyming word is and using the rhymosaurus to create different rhyming words. We have also been learning about archeology and what archaeologists do. We searched for dinosaur bones in sand and tried to match the dinosaur to its picture.

image1We have also been thinking about our emotions and recognising the different emotions that we have by drawing and exploring different images of people and how these emotions make us feel.

This month Carrie has been doing eco schools with the children and we had an eco meeting which went really well. We got lots of ideas for upcoming events and ways for the nursery to be more eco friendly. Thank you to Sarah’s dad, Slim for coming along and giving us some great ideas.


image4The Foxes theme this month has also been dinosaurs, and we have incorporated dinosaurs into our messy play and water play. We have read lots of books on dinosaurs, looked at all the different types that there were and including this in the Foxes floorbook

A new block of Forest Schools started this month and the Foxes have had lots of fun digging for insects and having our hot chocolate outside. We have been getting really muddy, running around outside and playing with the ropes, making swings and balancing beams.



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