Rabbits & Foxes News June 2016

Rabbits and Foxes News June 2016


This month for literacy we have been finishing off Our Community topic where we all helped to write our own story, which we titled “Jodie Hurt Her Leg”. This is the story we all performed for you for our Summer show! We all did so well in our show, the teachers were very proud and I am sure everyone that came to see it was very impressed too. We spent lots of time learning our lines and character roles and all the song lyrics too. Well done guys!

names in sandFor our new topic of schools, we have begun looking at the alphabet and all the different sounds that the different letters make. To start with we buried all the letters and name tags in the sand and had to dig around to find our own letters and names. This was lots of fun!





Fruit shopThrough “Our Community” topic we were looking at money and how and when it is used. We had regular trips to the fruit shop where we got to use money in a real life setting! We have now moved onto our new topic of “Schools” as we have a few boys and girls going to school this Summer. The children were keen to learn what days we go to school and if it was the same as nursery, so we decided to look at this in more detail with them over the next few weeks. We started by singing our days of the week song and we even got a new chart which we complete every day to help us order our days.

Trips, Baking and Other Areas

LottoWe have been continuing with our weekly trips out; visiting the library and our care home and we have had tennis start up too! We have also been baking lots of yummy treats for snack and for our parties. We had a P1 party this month, where all the boys and girls who went to school last year came back to visit us and tell us all about how exciting school is. This was really good for the boys and girls who will be going to school this year as they got to see some of the things they will be doing at school.


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