Rabbits & Foxes News July 2016

Rabbits and Foxes News July 2016

IMG_8177This month the Rabbits and Foxes have been enjoying the sun, spending a lot of time out in the garden and also on trips to the park, library and the museum. In the garden, the children have been doing a lot of running, climbing and jumping. They have been really good at taking turns and helping each other when something becomes a little bit tricky.




We have also been really lucky as we have had two awesome new balance bikes donated to us by The Bike Station. The children have loved the bikes and, to make the best use of them, we even made an obstacle course in the garden. The children designed the obstacle course themselves and set it up with a little help from the teachers. They said their favourite part was the racing as they got to cheer on their friends from the side.

IMG_8221We have also been learning the letters in our name, using lots of building blocks with the letters of the alphabet. The children had to find all the letters in their name and then put the letters in the correct order to spell their name and build a tower. All of the children were very good at this and only needed a little help from the teachers. At the end, some children had really tall towers and some had smaller ones, so we then counted the bricks to find out how many letters each child had in their name.

IMG_2907Finally, at the end of the month, something really exciting happened. One morning, it got very dark outside and we could hear thunder. All the children ran to the window in the Flower room to have a look outside. They said that it started to rain really hard and then they saw a flash of lightning which caused squeals of excitement from the kids. We sat down and explained that, if you are quiet and listen, you will hear thunder and once you hear it, you have to start counting until you see the lightning and this tells us how far away the thunder and lightning storm is. The children did really well at counting and we found out that the storm was a few miles away!



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