Rabbits & Foxes News January 2018

Rabbits and Foxes News January 2018

Happy birthday to Sophia and Dasha who have turned 4 this month as well as Ruby, Ben and Hector who have now turned 3!

A big welcome goes to Barbara who has joined us on the ground floor as a full time staff member. Barbara will mainly be working with our Foxes group, however will also have some time with the Rabbits. We have also welcomed Munira who is doing break cover hours throughout the nursery and will be helping on all floors.

IMG_4607This month has seen the Rabbits and Foxes learning all about Scotland. We celebrated Robert Burns with a Scottish breakfast where the children had porridge and tattie scones to eat. We have all been learning various different Scottish dances and have enjoyed practicing these out in the garden most mornings.

We have been learning a little bit about Scottish foods, whilst discussing what is healthy and unhealthy, and are hoping to try some different foods before the end of the month. Within this we also hope try some foods from other countries too.

The Rabbits have also been looking a little bit at Tartan and had a go at making some themselves using strips of paper – they look amazing displayed on our wall. Both the Rabbits and the Foxes have been making Scottish Flags using a whole range of different materials, including paint, tissue paper and pens.  Some of the children also looked at the Polish flag and had a go at making this with Barbara.

The children have enjoyed having a couple of their favourite books in Scots being the focus for story times. This has included The Gruffalo in Scots as well as The Gruffalo’s Wean.

IMG_4667All of our activities have now started up again and the children are enjoying being able to get out and about at Forest Schools and the Care Home as well as their Enjoy-A-Ball sessions at the Meadows. We also have Tatty Bumpkins which all of the Foxes and Rabbits enjoy. Unfortunately because of all the bad weather, we have not yet been able to get out to Blackford pond; however the Rabbits have enjoyed half day sessions at Sciennes Woods and hope to be back to their normal routine at Blackford Pond this week.

Everyone would like to say a huge thank you to Myles’ dad who came in wearing a kilt and did some Scottish dancing with the children. He also explained all of the different parts of the traditional Scottish outfit as well as telling the Rabbits a little of the history behind the kilt. Also a big thanks to all the parents who have sent in their pictures of Scotland as well as providing us with some Scottish type materials that we have been able to use for collages and junk modelling.

We are now looking forward to finishing off our Scotland topic and consulting with the children to see what they would like to learn about next!


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