Rabbits & Foxes News February 2018

Rabbits and Foxes News February 2018

Happy birthday to Lara who turned 4 this month and to Misha and Otto who turned 3!

IMG_4582In February we were in full swing with our topic of Scotland. We learned a lot in this time and really especially enjoyed practicing our Scottish dancing and learning about Scottish foods, as well as foods from other cultures.

Some of the children made Valentines cards for their families; we also had a few activities relating to Chinese New Year as well as some brilliant activities for World Book Day!

We are now moving on to learning about Space. The Rabbits have been incredibly interested in Space for quite a while so it is really great that we have the opportunity to go more in depth with this subject. We consulted with the children about what they already know and what they would like to learn and from this we worked out how we are going to go forward with the topic. We are all so excited about it!

IMG_4563We have wrapped up this block of Forest Schools and it will be the older Rabbits turn to go next – hopefully we will get better weather this time around!

It was great to have some snow in the city and the children enjoyed learning about snow, icicles etc. Unfortunately we had to cancel some of our extra activities due to the snow but we are pleased that they have started again this week!




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