Rabbits & Foxes News December 2016

Rabbits and Foxes News December 2016

We have all had a fantastic December at nursery and have been very busy doing lots of Christmas crafts, preparing for our Christmas show and learning new songs.

Christmas Show

img_0417We had our Christmas show I the second last week in December at our local church. We had our own parts to play and special lines and songs to learn. We made our costumes at home and at nursery and had a fantastic time doing this. We told the story of the first Christmas to our parents, grandparents and other family members. Our show lasted around twenty minutes and then we had some party food and a great time at our Christmas party where we played musical bumps and musicals chairs. We all love to dance and it was great fun.

Later on in the afternoon, ‘Tricky Ricky’, a magician came to our party. Ricky was very funny, we all giggled lots and some of us even got to be his helper and get a special balloon of Rudolph the Reindeer that he made!

Tricky Ricky told us that we had a special guest arriving to our party, it was Santa! He brought us all a gift, we loved seeing him.

Christmas Crafts

We had a lot of fun making our Christmas crafts to take home. Our teacher Angela brought in pine cones to make Angels, we loved this and everyone made one to take home. We also made Christmas trees, by cutting out a paper Christmas tree and adding glitter, sequins and Pom Poms!

img_0432Bird Feeders

We have also been busy making bird feeders for our nursery garden and to take home. We collected plastic bottles from home and we each added bird seed to them, making two holes either side and we put a stick through the middle for the birds to stand on. We spoke about why birds need more food during the winter and what kind of birds we might find feeding on them.


We have had a great year again at nursery, making many different models, drawing lots of picture and paintings for our displays.

We have enjoyed many trips to our local parks, Forest Schools, the library, and we even got to go to the zoo during the summer.

We lost some of our friends when they went to school but made new friends that moved down from upstairs.

We are very excited for Christmas but are looking forward to coming back to nursery next year!




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