Rabbits & Foxes News August 2016

Rabbits and Foxes News August 2016

The Foxes and Rabbits have been very busy this month! We have been lucky to have such brilliant weather for the majority of the month, so we have been focusing on water play out in the garden. We used pipes, stands, trays and other objects that we found around the garden to build different types of runs to make streams and waterfalls going into several different water trays! Some of the Rabbits enjoyed discovering how much water we would have to pour down the tubes in order to make different sizes of boats flow down the stream of water. We also had lots of messy play out in the garden including shaving foam, paint, rice and different types of pasta which we love mixing up with the sand and water in our Mud Kitchen unit.
bee bot
This month we have been focusing on ‘Summer’. The Rabbits have been taking a record of who has been on a summer holiday and which type of transport they used – we then turned these records into bar charts, once in the garden using different coloured blocks and chalk! The Rabbits have also been making some postcards that are being sent off to the Meadows at Pilrig Nursery. We created our own pictures and envelopes for them and then wrote a message on the back for our friends to read once they are posted. We can’t wait for the children at Pilrig to receive them!

summer pic for bee bot mapWe have also been enjoying playing with a programmable toy robot called Bee-Bot. The children all created a grid for Bee-Bot using pictures of summer trips that the children created; we then programmed Bee-Bot to move around the grid so that he could enjoy as many trips as we do in the summer time. Both the Rabbits and Foxes then enjoyed having Bee-Bot races as well as asking Bee-Bot to move from one child to another – everyone was giggling away as the Bee-Bots carried out their instructions!

This month we have also been going to the Care Home, which has been so much fun as usual! We have been crafting lots of different things including paper aeroplanes (which we flew out in their garden), some beautiful paper flowers as well as some lovely pictures of us to leave for the residents to enjoy. We have also been on several trips out to the park where we have been working together to help our friends on the swings and roundabout. We also had some races one day – this was so much fun!




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