Rabbits & Foxes News March 2016

Rabbits and Foxes News March 2016


We have been practicing writing our names this month! Some of the Rabbits were already very confident at writing their names, but some were a little unsure. After lots of practice, we have increased our confidence and the clarity or our writing is much better. The Foxes are starting to write their names too, with some of them being able to now write some of the letters in their names. We have also continued with our Letter of the Week this month, getting through letters b, c and d. The children were very good at going around the nursery and finding things beginning with certain letters.


We have been looking at our daily routines within nursery; what we do in the mornings, afternoons and evenings. We spoke about when we brush our teeth, when we eat breakfast and dinner and other daily activities. Most of the children were able to tell us what they did in the morning and evenings, and we also very briefly introduced time and the hands of the clock. We continued on with this idea of routine and created a bar chart to observe if the children knew what days they came into nursery. This proved a bit tricky but we counted up how many children we had in each day and were able to work out the busiest and quietest day in nursery.

image1Health and Wellbeing

As our topic was All About Me this month, we discussed our bodies and how they work. We drew around one of the children and then started to add in our body parts and talk about what we use them for. The children really liked this activity and joined in well, asking lots of questions! We also had discussions about privacy and why we need some privacy at certain times. For example, we made a mind map of how to give someone privacy when they are at the toilet.

Social Studies

We decided it would be a good opportunity to use our topic to discuss our feelings and how our actions can affect others. We had lots of group discussions about how we can make people feel happy and we can make them feel sad. We encouraged gentle hands and listening ears as this would make everyone very happy. We made our own little emotion sticks using straws and circular paper where the children could draw an emotion onto them. We reminded the children about using their manners such as saying please and thank you, and everyone in the nursery has noticed a big difference in the children’s manners, so well done guys!

Trips and Other Info

We have been carrying on with our Forest Schools and Care Home trips, with the first block coming to an end this month. Our Forest Schools will start up again soon but our Care Home trips have already resumed with a new group of children going this time. We have also been visiting the library every Thursday and we all get to pick out books to bring back to nursery. The library has commented that we are one of the only nurseries they trust to keep their books in good condition! We also had a trip to the museum and to the zoo this month which was lots of fun and everyone was very tired afterwards! We also want to say welcome to our two news friend who joined us, Nuala and Gigi, who have both settled into Meadows really well!

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