Rabbits & Foxes News April 2017

Rabbits and Foxes News April 2017

A big welcome to Eric who has joined us in the Rabbits group!

We have been super busy over the last month in Nursery. We finished off learning all about time – this included learning how to tell the time, about the mechanics of clocks and about how to order our routine. Everyone seems to have really enjoyed this topic and have learned a lot!

We have now started our new topic of ‘How Things Grow’. We will be learning about the life cycle of plants, humans and animals. We kicked this topic off with the chicken eggs which we got to see hatch and learn how to take care of. Some of the children were really upset when the chicks got picked up – they must have bonded with them after handling them every day! The staff members will be bringing in baby-adult pictures for the children to try and match up together and we welcome parents to do the same either with themselves or their own children.

IMG_1500The Rabbits had so much fun on their Spring Trip to East Links – it was a very long day but it was so brilliant to spend the time with the children and some of the parents too. We saw and fed all sorts of animals as well as playing on the big fort they have – I think that this was the children’s favourite thing to do as well playing on the Jelly Belly!

The Foxes have been very busy this month, too. They have enjoyed doing their mini Forest Schools sessions at Sciennes which included building a hammock swing and looking for bugs. They have really enjoyed doing some sensory activities as well which included smelly play dough and some textured shaving foam and jelly play.

As well as all of this we have enjoyed several trips out to the Meadows and a lovely visit from Zoo Lab.

The Rabbits and Foxes are all looking forward to another exciting month ahead!








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