Rabbits & Foxes News April 2016

Rabbits and Foxes News April 2016

April has been a very quick month – the Foxes and Rabbits have been very busy and have also been having so much fun!

IMG_7581At the beginning of the month we started our new topic of ‘Our Community’. We have taken the children on several community walks where we discussed the different types of shops we could see in the area. We have organised regular trips out to the local fruit shop where the children were able to pick out fruit and vegetables and then help to pay for them! We then used the food for snacks or baking activities like the yummy blueberry muffins that we made! Carrying on from this, we set up a lovely shop front and cafe in our role play area which the children have really enjoyed. The children can choose all of their groceries and then pay for them with role play money. We have also been learning about where money comes from and the coins/notes that we use on a daily basis. As well as this, we have been writing our own story about the community. The children came up with the whole story – it is very exciting!

IMG_7589We have also been enjoying going to Johnston Terrace for Forest Schools where the children have been exploring this new area and taking a closer look at the different plants and wildlife we can see. As well as this we have been going to the Care Home and Library weekly which the children always love!


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