Foxes News September 2014

Welcome to Foxes News September 2014

Messy play

This month the Foxes have been exploring paint and the many things we can do with it or add to it to create different textures! We tried adding flour, rice and glitter to the paint to see what would happen, it was very exciting! Everyone enjoyed using different thinMessy play - paintgs to spread the paint like their hands or our new textured paint scrapers. Have a look at our lovely artwork! The Foxes also practiced their fine motor skills through trying out their cutting skills. They all chose pictures from magazines to cut and stick onto paper. One of the Foxes even found a Gruffalo picture to cut.

Role Play

This month the Foxes have had a great time zooming the car toys around the garden and the Busy Bug room. Some of the cars even make noises which is very exciting! Out in the garden the Foxes have loved to role play, pretending to cook dinner for their friends and teachers in our mud kitchen. It all looks very tasty!

Outdoor/physical play

We love to play in the garden! When the Foxes have been out in the garden their favourite thing to do is to run and jump and play games all together. This month the Foxes have been using their gross motor skills and practicing their co-ordination by trying out a few obstacle courses which the teachers have set up for them. Have a look at the picture of some Foxes trying out the hurdles! They also have a great time bouncing on our trampoline! They are great at taking turns.Discovery - magnets

Discovery play

This month the Foxes have been exploring and discovering the wonder of magnets! They have really enjoyed using the giant magnets to discover which objects attract and which don’t. They tried with paper clips and a variety of other objects. The Foxes have also been showing a real interest in the magnetic blocks and have loved finding new ways to connect them to make cars or houses or people!

Other News

This month the Foxes and Rabbits were lucky enough to have a visit from Zoo lab! The Zoo lab man brought lots of creepy crawly animals for us to loOther - bakingok at or hold. The Foxes were all very brave and loved holding all the animals! He brought African snails, cockroaches, a rat, a rabbit, a snake and a tarantula!

At the end of this month it was our Tea Party! We all enjoyed doing lots of baking to sell in our McMillan bake sale. We made yummy chocolate crispie cakes!


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