Foxes News November 2014

Foxes News November 2014

Messy play - transport junkMessy play

This month the Foxes have enjoyed exploring the sand tray and trying out new things in the sand like dinosaurs, buckets and spades and things which make patterns. The Foxes have also been getting creative making poppies using tissue paper and pipe cleaners as we thought about Remembrance Day. The Foxes have been really interested in transport and vehicles recently and so they used their imagination and creativity to create cars, buses, fire engines and more out of junk. They all look brilliant!

Outdoor play - hoopsOutdoor/physical play

Out in the garden the Foxes have been practicing their balancing skills on the beams, crates and wobble chairs. They have loved trying out their ball skills through playing hockey, badminton and tennis. Some of the Foxes are great at hockey!

Inside the Foxes have loved dancing around in the Flower room to action songs and music and movement. They have also really enjoyed doing some yoga using cosmo kids on youtube.

Discovery - animal dominosDiscovery Play

This month the Foxes have been really interested in Animals and so have had a brilliant time role playing with the animal toys, making all the noises of the different animals and even made their own animal masks so that they could explore the movements and sounds of different animals through drama.

Towards the end of the month the Foxes began to show a real interest in vehicles and transport and therefore we have been exploring and discovering new things about transport through our activities. The Foxes have been listening to the different sounds from a variety of vehicles and trying to make the noises themselves.

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