Foxes News January 2015

Foxes News January 2015

This month the Foxes have showed great interest in letters. We are all able to recognise the letter for our name and our friend’s name, which is fantastic. Most of the Foxes can say other words with the same letter as their name e.g. “E is for elephant”.finding letters

We can also match two letters using different resources i.e. we can choose the letter for our name using laminated letter cards, and then match it with the same letter on the alphabet rug. We looked at letters using lots of different resources, magnetic letters, alphabet sponges and laminated letter cards.


We have done lots of baking this month. We made rainbow fairy cakes, carrot cakes and shortbread. Baking

All of the Foxes have really enjoyed taking part in this learning experience and then using our new skills. To help us make the shortbread we used our fingers to make the mixture into breadcrumbs. It was great fun, although our hands got “messy” and “sticky”.Mickey and Millie 2


This month we introduced Mickey and Millie the Meadows Monkeys. For the first week we had lots of fun playing with them in the nursery, and then they went to some of our friend’s houses. First they went to Alex’s house and from there on to a birthday party at a trampoline centre. They had a brilliant time there. Next Mickey and Millie went to Abbey’s house. They had lots of fun playing with her toys and exploring her garden. They especially liked going on the swing and climbing in the trees.


To end the month we celebrated Burns Day. We designed our own tartan using different coloured paper. Burns Day

To begin with the Foxes found it a bit tricky but soon mastered how to do it. We also made delicious shortbread to take home. Then to end the day we had our Burns Supper: haggis, neeps and tatties


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